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  1. can someone pm me from where to get it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Does anyone know where i can find this game... i really appreciate it if you can help me find it... if anyone know where i can get it , torrent, mirc,..etc
  3. Well the problem is kawaks loader don't like me either... non of the added games show up on the list for some reason ? i wounder if u can send me your kawak 1.45 loader ill give it a chance maybe it works... we can do it via msn. Ill pm u my e-mail Thx Problem not solved yet a help is appreciate it
  4. well there is no 270-p2.bin file... i looked every wherer on the web.... what about the one u use ??? how do u make it work ? ?
  5. Hi i got the rom for samsho5 and when i try to play in with kawaks1.48dev it always says missing 270-p2.bin I downloaded so many loaders but for some wierd reason they don't work ! ! ! plz help me
  6. where do you guys type in this code and what does it do ? thx
  7. cool... thats a long wait too... so i guess no more arcade roms for a while
  8. i just checked Atomiswave website and it seems that they already released a new consule for snk games like neogeo so im counting on emulation ppl to bring us these roms soon plz can't wait http://www.sammy.co.jp/japanese/product/am...ent/atomiswave/
  9. does anyone know there reason why they stoped ?? r they lossing money ? im sad too and even of they continue to make games will they be emulated no one knows..... no more kof
  10. what do the XOR's do ? u mean once these are released the roms are released to ?
  11. does anyone know weather this game is comin out or no ?
  12. thats right James the CRC for the 270-P2.bin is CRC(e0c74c85) i enabled the CRC column but im missing the 270-p2.bin file itself.
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