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What Is The Easiest/hardest

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easiest- daytona usa. u can eat and do ur homework at the same time and still win. haha jus sayin the controls and handling of daytona usa was beyond easy.


hardest- id say beavis and butt-head on snes....that mall stage was pretty hard haha


i ono, i just cant remember so im tryin mah best haha

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actually I think super mario bros for gameboy was harder than the NES one


Quake III Arena fits both categories because it depends on who your playing


plus it rocks and i want to get everyone  here to play it so i can play them in that too <_<

I stopped playing that game 3 years ago. It was because i had a 56k connection. Now that I have a faster internet connection I'm too lazy to get out the cd and reinstall it.

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