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1emulation Reloaded


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Whats the hackers age? If they are a minor than dont post his personal information as you can get into big trouble yourself since its illegal to give out a minors information without parental consent.

Dude I would care if he/she was 10 years old I would want to get revenge on their @$#$@#$ @#$@#$ !@#!$^%#$.....GameCop has spent alot of money on hosting this place and some punk mother#@!#!@ hacks him....

So because he spent alot of money he should get himself put in jail because someone hacked him? Its time like those when you must think logically and not just say OMG HE HAXORED DI3 DI3 DI3. Theres many ways to take him down without getting yourself into trouble. But none of that matters as GameCop cleared it up the person is not a minor so nothing to worry about.

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Its good to be back.


Rememer This:


The hacker/flamer/lamer Stage is still beginning. We have to be on guard at all times :)

/me readies pitchfork and cocks my musket.


"Dang blamit, I'll get those soma-ma-bitches if they ever come back here."


/me waves fist belligerently at h@><0r d00d

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