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  1. I like the way you think
  2. I wasn't too keen on about the first 15 or so episodes of the first season. But since the point the gundam thrones where introduced and onward I've been really enjoying it. Good stuff.
  3. I have. It's basically a demon hunter falls in love with demon and goes on the run with her from his peers story. Don't let the vid fool you on the visuals, it's got some of the worst visuals I've ever seen in an anime. But still overall it was a pretty decent show.
  4. Tynvar already picked off most of what I'd have said. I'll just add something I watched most recently which was Macross Frontier. It fits into all those genres of mechs/love/drama/comedy pretty nicely. There's a ton of singing so if that kind of thing puts you off then you may not like it. I liked it though, they blended the singing in with the mech fights pretty well and the story behind it was reasonable and for the most part it worked. I can only think of 1 episode of it where the singing was poorly used.
  5. I've played every one up to XII, haven't played any ones that came out after it. My favorite would be XII, followed by VI then IX. I liked them all so, but if I had to pick a worst it'd be Mystiq Quest.
  6. Heh nice, it even had God Knows in there. Love that song.
  7. Using a game's engine to create a video. Most known example would probably be the South Park WoW episode.
  8. Just wait till Pheles shows up about halfway through, 2nd season got way better after that point. As for what I'm watching: Code Geass R2 Golgo13 Itazura na Kiss Nabari no Ou The Daughter of Twenty Faces (also goes by the name Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief) Soul Eater Special A The Daughter of Twenty Faces has been the big surprise for me. I didn't expect to like it very much, but it's my second favorite so far of those I just listed, 1st being Geass of course.
  9. Take this with a grain of salt since it's only coming from word of mouth, but I've heard a few people mention it'll only be 5 episodes long. I find that believable since the manga is so far ahead of the anime there's no point for a long filler arc.
  10. http://www.crunchyroll.com is pretty nice too. You won't find licensed stuff on there but there's still a big selection. Plus gonzo (anime studio) is officially releasing 2 of their shows on there.
  11. I'm pretty sure that this still is miskie's server just a new one.
  12. Big congrats Man I've had the Zinio version of this EGM for about a week now, but hadn't gotten around ot reading it.
  13. It's not 4 a day at the start; it's 4 in your queue, so if you did 4 attacks then just wait for one to expire then attack again. You get an extra attack per 10 levels.
  14. Gamecop will need to do whats here to fix that http://beta.havocforums.com/index.php?showtopic=207 Note that itll take up to 5 minutes for everything to expire corrently after he does the update.
  15. My 13th 6am - woke up, packed stuff and went to hurricane shelter because of Charley stayed there doing nothing but sitting and playing cards until about 9pm went home and went to sleep. Must say boringist day of my life.
  16. actually most every mod is compatible with all versions of 1.x; especially 1.2 and 1.3 are fully compatible. Pretty much the only real incompatible things are skins from 1.1. 1.2 and 1.3 skins work perfect with each other. But the reason previous stuff wont work with 2.0 is because 2.0 is a major release. Not some small.x release which only gives a few new features. Theres alot of rewritten code. To the normal people this wont go noticed much, except for the increased speed. But for a modder like me the code is alot better and modding it will be so much more easier now. Mods wont be a problems since Im very good with the invision code and any mod I can easily convert to work on 2.0. BTW there will only be 2 more verisons of ibproarcade for invision 1.x. Ill be releasing 2.5 soon (Im Elijah on the ibproarcade site) and my partner Chris will be doing 3.0 after that. After 3.0 all future versions will be invision 2 only.
  17. Invision 2.0 has this by default. Where all deleted posts and topics get mved thered automatically instead of deleted. Whethere gamecop decides to use it if and when he upgrades to 2.0 is up to him.
  18. Dude I would care if he/she was 10 years old I would want to get revenge on their @$#$@#$ @#$@#$ !@#!$^%#$.....GameCop has spent alot of money on hosting this place and some punk mother#@!#!@ hacks him.... So because he spent alot of money he should get himself put in jail because someone hacked him? Its time like those when you must think logically and not just say OMG HE HAXORED DI3 DI3 DI3. Theres many ways to take him down without getting yourself into trouble. But none of that matters as GameCop cleared it up the person is not a minor so nothing to worry about.
  19. Whats the hackers age? If they are a minor than dont post his personal information as you can get into big trouble yourself since its illegal to give out a minors information without parental consent.
  20. This is the pc version, they have the download on the site
  21. http://www.watashiwa.org/pso/ You can download Phantasy Star Online from here and it has a patch to play online for free on their own servers (instead of on Segas were oyu have to pay). Would be cool if we can get some of us together on there. Me life is over again (remembers flashbacks of not going to be till about 6am because of this game) credit goes to baseley09 for finidng it
  22. exactly, think about the other end of the stick, movies like End of Days thats about the Devil. Sure the movie wasnt about actual religious events that happened but the central theme was that of a religous one, many people watch those type of movies without complaining about religion. You don't have to agree with the content to enjoy the movie.
  23. Saying religion is the cause of problems is like saying guns are the cause of problems, sure both are tools that can cause harm, but say we got rid of religion or got rid of all guns, the humans will eventually find another way to bring harm upon other people thats exactly where the misuse comes in, most religions at its base is about loving your fellow man regardless of their religion or their actions, its the people who misuse that gives it a bad name. Just like racism, if a few people of a certain race did some sort of wrong to you would it be fair to say that entire race is the root of most of mankinds problems, no it wouldn't, so just because there are people who use religion for all the wrong reasons, its not fair to ssay religion is the root of problems because some chose to give it a bad name people have the right to believe or not-believe whatever they want, but what I hate is when people try to bring down those who do believe, by calling them fools for believing in "imaginary things", at the same time I can't stand the so called "believers" who try and bring down the non-believers with their hell threats and all
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