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Who Is The Best Super Hero?


Who Is The Best Super Hero???  

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Seeing as the Punisher Movie thread has gotten alot of replys....some about the movie others about Super Heroes.......I thought I would create a poll to see who everyone thought was the best Super Hero......


I vote for Wolverine.....He is a no nonsense super hero who does what he wants to....





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Superman without a doubt. He would kick all those other "super" heroes from here to Krypton and back. Plus he's the only one with "super" in his name. He's sssuper, thanks for asssking!


And Batman is close too because he's a normal rich guy that can still kicks loads of ass. My favorite comic book villian is The Joker, so I really like the Batman series.

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This post gets recreated so many times


Spiderman. Sorry he has the intellect and usually is weak :lol:


He doesn't always win his battles and is willing to admit help from other people. Thats cool about him. No cheapness involved :lol:


Otherwise, I would go for batman.

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