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What are you listening to? 4


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His thread was posted, but I said to him we shouldn't make so many threads of one topic. I'll let this go, just once. But their'll be a new rule, no #1, #2, #3, of the same kind of topic. Most of us find it as spamming.


If we see it again, we'll merge the thread with the original one.


I am listening to right now..


Unforgiven - Metallica

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Song I usually listen to daily right now are:


JoyDrop - Beautiful

Mandalay - Beautiful

Tori Amos - Jackie's Strength

Trapt - Headstrong

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michael jackson - rock with you

petey pablo - freak-a-leek

lil flip - game over

afi - death of seasons

atreyu - lip gloss and black

50 cent- patiently waiting

311 - love song

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