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What are you listening to? 4

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Prodigy - Breathe

Ah! You listen to Prodigy too? Awesome!


Now I'm listening to Dueling Banjos.

I pretty much listen to any genre, except folk and country. :lol:



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thought I'd bump this one.

currently listening to Johnny F%$#@ing Cash!

after the intro to dawn of the dead I just have to listen to all my J. C. stuff.

also on the playlist now:

Social Distortion - Sick Boy

Devil Doll - my baby left me down at the liquor store

willie nelson - pancho and leftie

dick dale - pipeline

agent orange - bloodstains

Dickies- stuckas over disneyland

dead milkmen - bleach boys

tiger army - temptation

stray cats - sexy and 17

misfits - american nightmare

the cramps - human fly

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Listen to Seifer's remixes in OC, they rock you good. Although he's been banned from their forums like 5 times already. :angry:

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