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MAJOR CPS3 Emulation News!!! (False alarm, fake)


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nyuuka are you crazy??


The dreamcast controller is one of the best controllers ever made!!!!!! It is confortable and very responsive...:D

especially for those who have bigger hands than others. i mean mah hands can hardly play on the ps2 controllers. the dreamcast was perfect for big handers such as mahself. not dissin on any other controller that is, but im sayin dc controllers are not at all bad.


and in regards to the topic, who wouldnt wanna play cps3 games on their comps? this is pretty remarkable for those with arcade sticks or for those with no consoles. what am i sayin...emulation itself is remarkable! lets jus wait and see. :rolleyes:

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Top Posters In This Topic

FAKE Nebula CPS3 - ElSemi has asked me to post/pass around that the news on emulatronia regarding emulation of CPS3 is not true, its protected so there wont be any progress for some time, so please stop emailing him

**EDIT** - Since posting this its turned out that someone had hacked emulatronia (the No.1 spanish emulator news site) and posted not only this fake news but also about an xbox emulator which doesnt exist, the offending articles have now been removed


From http://www.retrogames.com/

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The dreamcast controller is one of the best controllers ever made!!!!!! It is confortable and very responsive


The DC controller is, IMO, one of the worst ever:


1. No dual analog (only system of this generation without it)

2. Too few buttons (7). Compared to PS2 with 12, XBOX with 12, and GC with 8.

3. No built in rumble (only standard controller this gen without)

4. You guys talk about the size, but I found the side grips to be too thin and uncomfortable, plus my knuckles would sometimes rub the large bump on the bottom of the controller.

5. The cord coming out the side of the controller that faces the player is the worst idea in the history of controllers. That alone makes it one of the worst controllers.

6. The D-Pad is OK, but too squared for my tastes. I like ones that don't make my thumb sore after extended use (i.e. fighters). At least it's better than that ridiculously small D-pad on the GC controller :lol:

7. I was hoping that after the the later Genesis controllers and the Saturn controller that they would stick with six face buttons. But, alas, they went back to four. That was a mistake. I can't fault them too much for it since the PS2 and GC only have four, but at least they have more buttons to work with overall.



The only thing I really did like about the controller were the triggers. They were nice and smooth.

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Owned. Every single one of you.






© Agozer

I wasn't owned. I was cautiously optimistic. I knew it wasn't true.


But we keep forgetting that if ElSemi doesn't do it, Frost's friend has already taken care of CPS-3. He's now working on Atomiswave and should have it done by the end of next week ;-D (See NeoGeo Section for more info on this Frost fellow)


But I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out how to bypass the protection...it has to be done. The machine was made by engineers and it will be taken apart by engineers.

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