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The Passion Of The Christ


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I saw the movie, if you're going to se it for entertainment, don't unless you're very very sick no joke sicko person. There is a reason it is rated R and I don't think they should have let me buy me own ticket seeing as how I'm only 15.


Anyways, the cat of nine tails scene is very... harsh and bloody and brutal and painful to watch. Though I suppose it was a good portrayal of what happened I don't suggest seeing it for entertainment and I suggest not letting anyone younger than 13/14 (unless they're unusually mature for there age) to see this movie there are images that stick in your head for the rest of your life.


I do like Jim Caveziel and The Count of Monte Cristo was a great movie, and he does a good job in this movie so looks good in that aspect, though it's not entertaining.

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Well misuse of religion is the major problem with religion, but religion itself is a misuse of peoples' ability to think and good judgement. What better way to keep people in line than saying there is an afterlife and that there is this all powerful being(s) watching everything we do and then passing judgement after we die.


I predict in time, maybe not in any of our lifetimes, religion is eventually going to be phased out, or atleast new faiths will pop up. I mean, look at history for an example. Mesopotamian gods - gone, Egyptian gods - gone, Babylonian gods - gone, and those faiths were in existence longer than most religions today, save Judaism and Hinduism(which I used to be a member till I reached the age of reason). Why don't they exist anymore, because another more appealing idealogy took over. The same thing can and will probably will happen hundreds of years from now. I thought history was there so we wouldn't repeat the same mistakes. :)


And please, I'm up for a calm, well minded, friendly retort to what I just wrote. I like to get as many views and opinions as possible because that is the best way to make a sound decision. Hell, I may even start to believe in God if I am ever convinced. But from what I have experienced, read, studied, I just can't bring myself to believe and have faith in an imaginary being that's just as real as Santa Claus or goblins or wyverns or griffons(except me :D) or illithids or beholders or imps or Joan Rivers or pig cops or vampires or werewolves or ghosts or ghouls or...damn I'm running out of imaginary things. But you get my point. :lol:


It doesn't and shouldn't matter what faith or God you believe in, but everyone should help and be kind to your fellow human (and some animals). Cheers!


Oh and by the way, did you know that Jim Caveziel refused to have a sex scene with Ashley Judd because of his Catholic beliefs. BUT IT'S ASHLEY JUDD! God will forgive you man.

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Saying religion is the cause of problems is like saying guns are the cause of problems, sure both are tools that can cause harm, but say we got rid of religion or got rid of all guns, the humans will eventually find another way to bring harm upon other people


It doesn't and shouldn't matter what faith or God you believe in, but everyone should help and be kind to your fellow human (and some animals). Cheers!


thats exactly where the misuse comes in, most religions at its base is about loving your fellow man regardless of their religion or their actions, its the people who misuse that gives it a bad name.


Just like racism, if a few people of a certain race did some sort of wrong to you would it be fair to say that entire race is the root of most of mankinds problems, no it wouldn't, so just because there are people who use religion for all the wrong reasons, its not fair to ssay religion is the root of problems because some chose to give it a bad name



people have the right to believe or not-believe whatever they want, but what I hate is when people try to bring down those who do believe, by calling them fools for believing in "imaginary things", at the same time I can't stand the so called "believers" who try and bring down the non-believers with their hell threats and all

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I really don't know see what all the big fuss behind this movie is. Many will say it is gruesome and bloody... Yeah, well, I'd think when the Romans crucified people it wasn't exactly in the most humane way. Audiences -- especially in America, it seems -- are way too sensitive to graphic scenes. It's almost like they are little toddlers making a big deal out of seeing their first porn flick.


At least some people are finally starting to cut through the bullshit censors and make things as they should be (i.e. when you see someone getting crucified, they are probably not going through a pleasant experience). As for the rest of the movie and its religious overtones, I have no idea since I haven't watched it. But my comments regarding realism (and your average person's fear/discomfort/avoidance of it) merely pertains to the process of crucification itself, and it does NOT pertain to Jesus's "miracles" and whatnot, since I'm agnostic.


But speaking of realism, the Western civilization is STILL portraying Jesus as a "white man" (aka Caucasian). Why? This is hardly realistic/accurate.


Also, the whole nail being driven into the palm deal: I've read an article somewhere (can't recall where since this was years ago) that said the popular images of Jesus hanging from the cross with nails driven into his palms were inaccurate. Inaccurate in the sense that when people were crucified, a nail being driven into the palms of the person's hands eventually would not be able to hold up most of their weight (though a part of it is held up through their feet being nailed into the cross, but can't recall precise details). Instead, the author claimed that to support the person's weight, the nail would have to be driven through the wrist -- not through the main blood vessals there, but just below it (you can look at your wrist to see what I mean).


So, I suppose besides the no nonsense brutal depiction of the crucification, I wouldn't be surprised if there are still many inaccuracies; and of course, besides the fact that it is intended as a religious film, and I am sick of religious films as I've had my fill of them over the years. So, yes, I am not going to see this film (probably), unless, as someone mentioned earlier, I can get in for free. :D


As for Mel being religious, I think I've heard that he recently converted or something. Don't really care either way.


As for the mid-aged woman dying of a heart attack while viewing this film: Call me sadistic but I have to be honest, I did get a chuckle out of it when I first heard of it on CNN. (Some people just can't stomach graphic scenes I guess -- especially those in the North America, it seems.) :lol: I guess they should include a warning to those with heart conditions and such... Lame. :)


On a different note: Allah simply = God. Period. Nothing more.


To Gamecop: I don't think any of my comments in the post were religiously or racially offensive. And my comments are not meant to be inflammitory (sp?), but an expression of my take on this topic. But if for some reason you decide to delete my post or whatever, please PM as to the specifics why.


I can back up my comments BTW, particularly regarding the constant depiction of Jesus as a "white man" and regarding the Allah meaning God. They are facts, and you can even ask your college professors (if that is their field).


I am agnostic, and not religious in any way. Just wanted to throw that out in case someone wants to jump on my back.


If I don't respond till Saturday, don't be offended. I am busy with mid-terms. You finish one mid-term for one class, another one pops up for another. Mid-terms rock my world! Thumbsup!!

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ok i may as well chime in on this i do plan on seeing the movie because im glad they are finally showing the brutality of the cruxifiction and not watering it down, and because its well acted and directed and it sends a good message. u dont have to be religous to see that.i applaud mel for putting 25 mill of his own cash into a film he believes in,how many actors do u know that will do that????

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u dont have to be religous to see that

exactly, think about the other end of the stick, movies like End of Days thats about the Devil. Sure the movie wasnt about actual religious events that happened but the central theme was that of a religous one, many people watch those type of movies without complaining about religion. You don't have to agree with the content to enjoy the movie.

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For those who haven't seen the movie, you can laugh all you want about the various things you heard. But until you've seen it, all you are doing is sounding foolish. Granted, I respect your right of free speech, but there are some things you need to know.


The Passion is a meditation of the sacrifice that Jesus went through. If you are Christian, you will learn about how the Messiah took the ultimate pain and sacrifice. If you are not Christian or not religious at all, you will leave with a sense of the brutality of human nature and how one man went the ultimate length for his faith and beliefs.


I am Catholic and took a friend who is not religious. He said the movie got to him too, because it is very emotional. Honestly, you really can't watch the movie without being disturbed. In no way is the violence suppose to be entertaining. In fact, some historians say it is toned down from what would have gone down. (Yes, most historians agree that Jesus of Nazereth really existed, this claim is made indepedent of any religious beliefs. And for whoever made the comment about Santa, he was based off of a bishop named St. Nicholas who also existed. just an FYI :)).


I urge everyone to watch this, it is a well done movie. (It was also made on charity. As in, Mel Gibson fronted his own money, and none of the actors were paid. ) That alone tells people that this is not for entertainment. I hope that you people post again, AFTER watching the movie. (Watch it like any other movie, though, don't just mock, give it a chance befre you judge).


This film is about sacrifice.

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