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  1. I have two saitek p880's and they both work completely fine with GGXX#R. and both of them are plugged into the front ports.
  2. hmmm, i have another one that is almost done in emule, maybe ill have to do that, other than that, the first time i tried to post it said error, must of not been an error after all. but if anyone wants to, try downloading it and seeing if it works on your computer from the site i gave, if it does, let me know, maybe its just my computer.
  3. i downloaded Guilty Gear XX #Reload off of fusionfire.net and i unpacked the winrar file as usual and i clicked on the msi file to start the download. its all in japanese but i managed to get it to install, but when the install bar is almost done, it stops and after awhile a dialogue box pops up and when i click the only button there is to click it ends the install. if anyone can help me out with this problem, i will hail you as god for i am a hardcore GG fan. thanks in advance.
  4. i read the whole thread about the VDMSOUND but i still cant get it to go through the "initializing keyboard" part. i downloaded all the up to date parts and everything. could someone please help me?
  5. wow, no one is helping me, well can at least some one tell me a site to find the nebula cheats for the neogeo games? that would be most appreciated...
  6. Holy crap, i remember the day i started this thread and i come back a few weeks later and Boom, it has transformed into WWIII and then into an apology playground and then to Indiana Jones : Raiders of The lost Broomhead statue. I'm so happy i started this thread
  7. How come whenever i load a king of fighters game on nebula, i cant use the cheats, they work for the cps1 and 2 games, but why dont they work for neogeo games, i have the dat file too.
  8. ive downloaded these roms and i checked them on romcenter and they seemed to be complete but whenever i try to run then on mame for SF EX plus it says coh1002c.bin missing and on rival schools it says the same thing. why is this???
  9. What a stupid question this is going to be but what is DNF?
  10. no idea, i barely play those ones.....all i know is that their in 3D
  11. It does look pretty cool, its gonna be nice having a dream match with a 3D background.
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