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  1. actually i don't really know. My friend put it all together for me. is there a way for me to check?
  2. i was wondering if anyone knows why sometimes the evox menu lags when i either scroll up or down? Like when i want to enter my emulators or play games on the hd? it lags everytime i scroll, and i don't know why
  3. hmm, if you want i can hex edit the xbe to your romset's crc and send it to you and see if it works. I just edit the same way you did yours. I don't know why it wouldn't work for you.
  4. Here's the svcplus romset that i hex edit into my xbe that works. svc_p1.rom 397E7F8E svc_s1.rom AAEF740C svc_c1.rom 465D473B svc_c2.rom 3EB28F78 svc_c3.rom F4D4AB2B svc_c4.rom A69D523A svc_c5.rom BA2A7892 svc_c6.rom 37371CA1 svc_c7.rom 56AC5FB9 svc_c8.rom DE99E613 svc-m1.rom 9AF84708 svc-v1.rom E7203930 svc-v2.rom 675159C3 svc-v3.rom F8810665 svc-v4.rom B57B4EA3
  5. actually i hexed the xbe of fbax so far i got ss5, svc, rotd to work. I'm pretty sure i can get all 8 to work
  6. actually, anyone know of a link where i can get the new fbax with the unibios at?
  7. I was checking out Surreal also. Does it matter which n64 rom you're using? because i tried out the goldeneye for the goodn64 that i got from emu-russia and that didn't work but i got the v64 version of goldeneye and that work but was laggy. Also after choosing a game, they give u 3 choices 1964, project 64, and ultra. Which one would i choose to play these games?
  8. actually is there a way to fix the "error cannot load xxx-v1d.bin" problem?
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