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What does your desktop look like?


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currently a Gundam Seed desktop pic. Usually I have all icons grouped into "catagories" like game shortcuts in one corner and downloading apps and folders in another, but lately been using Workshelf to clean things up a bit. My monitor died so I'm stuck with an old 15". So keeping it neat is the only thing keeping ME sane.

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i have a really flashy looking theme i got from themexp.org/.com/whatever, havent been there in a realy long time


and my desktop is filled with completly unorganized shortcuts to just about every program i have all over the place, thank god for higher screen resolutions or i might have to *gasp* organize them somehow!!!


as you can tell im very lazy...

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Yes, you have a point. That's what I meant... the reason windows has so many bugs is because they try to eliminate DOS from it, and without DOS windows cannot exist. Linux has much less errors because it pretty much embraces DOS and DOS-like interfaces.


I never really looked into it... but damn it must take a while to compile a whole OS. It takes my PC like 10-15 minutes to compile MAME, and I don't have a crappy PC by any means.

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Top Left: Suicide Girl: EVA


Top Right: APRACAFE My band


Middle: 62 Fender Jaguar


Left: Ayumi Hamasaki


Bottom Left: My Fiancée Kim


MIddle Right: BRIAN ENO


Bottom Right: Suicide Girl: EVA


Text: THIS SHI AIN'T ROCK IT'S ROXY "Taken after the 70's glam band ROXY MUSIC"


"This Isn't Rock! It's Roxy"

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Damn... all you people are running at really low res.


Here's mine. Be forewarned though, it is a 335kb 1600x1200 jpeg:



background is from www.diverse.jp


icons are Snow.E 2 from www.rad-e8.com


windowblinds skin is ChosenOS from chosenos.tk (site seems to be down now)

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