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  1. Simplest Desktop amongst here http://www.geocities.com/kof_files2003/Desktop.jpg
  2. yes i use a download manager..i've tried using DAP n FLASHGET n also tried disabling download managers...still cant download any files from this site. as i mentioned earlier the download links are through FTP..so i get a error.530 [invalid login] For Example, When Download link = ftp://975562:227273@planetemu.net/downloa...ps-2/cybots.zip below was the log file generated by FLASHGET. Sat Feb 14 20:02:04 2004 Connecting planetemu.net:21 Sat Feb 14 20:02:04 2004 Connecting planetemu.net [iP=] Sat Feb 14 20:02:04 2004 Socket connected, Waiting for welcome message. Sat Feb 14 20:02:15 2004 220 Microsoft FTP Service (Version 4.0) Sat Feb 14 20:02:15 2004 USER 975562 Sat Feb 14 20:02:16 2004 331 Password required for 975562. Sat Feb 14 20:02:16 2004 PASS ******** Sat Feb 14 20:02:16 2004 530 Login incorrect. Sat Feb 14 20:02:16 2004 Error occured! Sat Feb 14 20:02:16 2004 Wait 5 second for retry n btw, www.playgain.net doesnt have a single cps2/cps1 rom.. is there something i can do about this ???Is all this only happening with me??
  3. tx agozer!...nice site with plenty of roms to download...but since the roms are on ftp...i cant get connected. cant seem to download any of the roms
  4. i recently played a CPS2 game on the latest mame emulator that was bundled with the KOF2003 rom. it was marvel vc capcom(clash of the super heroes)...loved it a lot. can any1 tell where i could i find more cps2 roms of such kind. tx in advance!
  5. where can i find an older version of it?...i tried replacing the dll earlier too..no luck!
  6. i have both the roms for neoragex 1.0H but some reason,neoragex1.0H crashes after every alternate restart...i tried switching to the original bios n lotsa stuff but in vain,although the above games work really fine, i have some roms on the new mame for KOF2003 too..so it wud b better for me, if some1 gave me working links for SVCplus n Samsho5 for the mame emulator which was bundled with the KOF2003 rom. Tx in advance. another thing is that,i am not able to configure my joystick for the mame...yes i do know about pressing TAB while gameplay...any1 has any idea regarding configuring joystick for this new mame??...Tx
  7. i tired changing the bios too..an ealier one...well wt did u mean by universe n original bios ? can i find the original bios smwhere else ?..can u give it to me? o ya another prob wid this new emulator is... after 1 or 2 restarts, there is another error commin up now...the neorage[wtever] might be infected with a virus... btw, i am using win XP pro n i dont like using any of the antivirus products. am i the only one wid all these problems??
  8. hm..tx for replyin james...neva had to use the mame thing ever..gotta now...lol
  9. same probs for me with the new 1.0H egcg neoragex emulator ..i dont think its an compatiability issue coz some of the roms seem to work fine..but the screen turns black suddenly n quits to desktop only when i add the entire rom folders path ...the hacked version of this emulator may solve the problem..but i dont seem to find it anywhere....tried using an ealier version of zlib.dll n deleting the.ini file too..still no luck. ne suggestions guys? Is there any way i can resolve this problem ?
  10. i got the mslug5nd.zip rom which works perfectly fine with the dos mame. as seen in an earlier thread...the rom would start in neoragex only if i had the enabled the settings to arcade. even if the game starts...there is no video...audio is fine!..can i do smthin bout this..shd i probably rename the files?..get new individual files??..m goin nuts..pls help..tx
  11. I managed to get the samurai showdown 5 rom including the nebula emulator...the game is neat n works fine in nebula...the thing is that i have played every game in NeorageX n m not very comfortable in playin it in nebula. Every file inside the rom has an.bin extension while those of neoragex has.rom extension. is there anything i need to know so tht i can play the downloaded.bin files in my NeorageX ? ..new here..sm1 plz help me out..tx in advance.
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