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(Kawaks / Nebula) King of Fighters 2003 News IV


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poirot, the (waiting for something) wouldnt happen to be the bios file would it for kof2003?


best thing to do is ask for it and might speed up the process of you getting it (whatever it may be) were all here for the same thing and it seems your the closest to the finish line, so you have our support.


as far as your pc being an issue, the best thing to do is post your work/test files and let us do the dirty work. youll have a lot of people helpin out with that im sure.


good work on all that youve done.

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i sent poirot a message saying i'd test files for him, but since you mentioned it in the open, i believe if he just got with select people (those who are willing to help) and send the files to those people or posting them in a dedicated efnet room on IRC or somethin...just an idea.


there are TONS of us willing to help. Pooling resources like yours, Mr.X's, and Poirots is a great idea.



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