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  1. this method sucks, really (but I knew you would tell me ) WARNING: BACKUP STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!
  2. I figured out how to do this a long time ago... Just asking if you can
  3. oddly enough MVC2 runs smoothly here... 60 fps Athlon XP 3200+ 512 MB Ram nVidia Geforce 4
  4. * Sorry james for posting in the wrong topic* Page Updates The game is now playable in FBA, so there're the drivers (Extra Info > Drivers). I also uploaded cheats for FBA, updated cheats for Kawaks; opened the P'rom info section (about Universal P1, and some things) ; updated FAQ / CRC's and Fixes sections ; and uploaded Transparencies. http://www.kof2003fix.cjb.net
  5. well... 1 - My problem is the PC: AMD K6 300 Mhz ; RAM: 32 MB If I had troubles with emulators, I wouldn't be here, trying to do something so hard like fix the rom ! =P 2 - It isn't supposed to run with any official emulators (except NeorageX 0.6b). Nebula / Kawaks / FBA don't officially support it / block it (nebula)
  6. two things: 1 - This hard way I'm trying is really hard. But I'm not 100% sure it will work. If I make you work and the result doesn't comes, I think you will be REALLY MAD! 2 - It's personal. I must finish this myself.
  7. Hi i'm poirot, another one trying to fix the p roms to work with any emu well, i have 3 ways to get this new rom the chop and copy way that everyone is trying an easy but not sure (waiting for something) and the VERY HARD way. i'm pratically re-writing the entire rom! and this isn't fun... more, i have two BIG problems: if I try in home, the PC is too slow, and takes 17 min to load. if I try in school, the PC has many functions blocked, and I'm using neorageX to test, what is really a s*** but i will figure it out i'm gonna update my site soon http://www.kof2003fix.cjb.net
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