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(Kawaks / Nebula) King of Fighters 2003 News IV


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...but i do not recomend it.

Because you can't insert coins to play in arcade mode, unless you have the correct BIOS. But then, if you can play with this BIOS in arcade mode, you can't select boss-characters. :D


Hey james, I saw this on your website




What emu is this? Kawaks, MAME (does not support transparencies?!), Nebula (umm....no!) ? Fake maybe?

I can play kof2003 on kawaks dev and mame with no problems no speacial bios is needed. as for the pic's they are from the net that pic you show has a URL address on it....


The reason i do not recomend Kawaks DEV is that it is only a dev test emu and the roms it uses are not correct. once it works on the normal kawaks it will use the rom set like mame uses.

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Just so you guys know so far there is no kof2003 rom that works in Kawaks Nebula  NeoRageX

There is a Kawaks Dev version that plays kof2003 but i do not recomend it.

so I'm assuming that the Dev romlist is all warked up compared to the regular kawaks list huh?


I mean if I was still able 2 play my current set on that thing I'd go for it, and if I could audit the dat like my loader, but it's still dumb.

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