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(Kawaks / Nebula) King of Fighters 2003 News IV


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i tried out the winkawaks 1.48 version of kof2k3 and the picture is HORRIBLE..the picture was so pixelated and blocky

You like to leech, you dislike to read docs.


When you dl and start a normal Kawaks version, the standard blitter is checked by default, which interpolates the pixelated graphics. The resolution of the Neo*Geo hardware ist, compared to your desktop very low.

So if you resize the window of kawaks to 200-300% the image will be pixelated, just as if you were resizing a *.bmp image.

Well, on the dev version this interpolation is not checked, you have to do it by yourself.

It's very funny to see, that peole are oftenly downloading roms and emus, without reading docs or even a file named "readme_now_or_you'll_regret_it.txt".

And once the emu has started, they don't even realize that there is a menu bar, where one can customize the emu to one's needs.

Instead...click, click the rom....someting doesn't work...game looks shabby...sound is choppy...and...they

Spam the forums and don't bother reading previous posts!



I don't believe this. Kof2003 ranked at 24th place at filemirrors :huh:

Please be nice now.he just said how it looked on his pc there was no need to flame him.

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could this be real






System: NEO

RomName: kof2k3

Game: The King Of Fighters 2003





























CartridgeID: 271

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0

hmmmm...that look like the

asr.dat file I got for Winkawaks1.46... with loader....

not sure if anyone has talk about or used this before...

it did not work though

I only renamed some roms did not try any thing else...




if your haveing trouble...with performance in mame.. try changing the resulotion....can't see why it would be choopy... :huh:

neorage games need a minimum res of 320x240....and set cleanstretch to none....this way it displays at it's native resulotion.... :P no extra work for you video card..

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I'm sure it will be available for all versions by march for sure...


since it's coming out for aes on march :)

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aw, and i thought i was special for a second there...


heres a pic anyway:




You use Mozilla too!? I love you man! Anyways, even though it's not "Kawaks" atleast it supports both of my controllers unlike flippin mame32p. Get the new FireFox browser, Soooo Sweet.

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