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  1. do i still need to download a new rom of kof 2003 or just a patch to play it in kawaksdev? it seems that it could not detect the rom or something is missing? what should i do? all i have is Mame32 and the kof2003 rom plus this kawaksdev.
  2. how do you set mame32 to perform close to neoragex? why does neoragex plays SVC chaos faster than mame, so i'm wondering if i can tune up mame32 to perform like neoragex for kof 2003. is that possible?
  3. got the rom.. bad news.. i've downloaded it for two times and the 271_c1d.rom's CRC is corrupted.
  4. thanks anyway. i tried to play it in neorage and it did load although it only shows some test screen but anyways, my mame32 file must have some error. what page in this topic where a link to the working mame emu is posted.
  5. can somebody help me. "mame32 just stop responding after loading all the rom files." so, what do i need to do? what's the source of error? i audit the rom and everything is fine. help please.
  6. it's mame32 ver. 0.78 and it's included in the Rar file that i've downloaded but unfortunately in my situation, mame stops responding after loading the last rom files and i'm asking for help right now.
  7. if it is out out you will know .we are not hideing it from you.and if you bothered to read the thread and the other topics you know that people are trying to get this fixed. yup, that's the good thing about this forum, we can always rely on the information posted here. i'll be waiting for sure for the neoragex version. i had a little problem though, after mame32 load all the rom files up to 271-c8d.rom, suddenly everything stops and mame stops respoding too. any clue, i just wanna know what's wrong. thanks in advance
  8. thanks.. i already downloaded a new neogeo.zip bios which i found also in this forum. they said that the bios will allow me to play the hidden bosses. thanks again james.
  9. i got a problem.. need help A.S.A.P. i downloaded kof2003 at: http://emu.5game.net/kof2k3/MAME32KPLUSwithKOF2003.rar but then when i audit the rom, i got this? kof2003 : sp-s2.sp1 131072 bytes INCORRECT CHECKSUM: EXPECTED: CRC(9036d879) SHA1(4f5ed7105b7128794654ce82b51723e16e389543) FOUND: CRC(698ebb7d) what do i need to do? any patch file with links?
  10. is there a kof2003 rom(3 sacred treasures playable) out for neoragex? i already got the one for MAME32, im looking for neoragex.
  11. i don't know if there is snes emulator for PS1 but just to give you hope, i have a sega emulator for PS1. atleast we know that snes emulator for PS1 is possible.
  12. saddam may be many faces of evil but returning him the favor does not justify the cause of the war led by the U.S. although this would be very hard for those who have lost their love ones in the battle, still if we are to justify every actions that has been taken to take down saddam's reign of terror then it would be best if we start with compassion.
  13. i got neoragex v1.0b and run svc. the game hangs before the battle begins. is there a fix patch for this?
  14. is svc chaos for neoragex ok? i've been searching the web and still haven't found any results? can someone update me about svc chaos and neoragex.
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