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  1. hmmmm...that look like the asr.dat file I got for Winkawaks1.46... with loader.... not sure if anyone has talk about or used this before... it did not work though I only renamed some roms did not try any thing else... kof2003kawaks.zip if your haveing trouble...with performance in mame.. try changing the resulotion....can't see why it would be choopy... neorage games need a minimum res of 320x240....and set cleanstretch to none....this way it displays at it's native resulotion.... no extra work for you video card..
  2. got the rom.. bad news.. i've downloaded it for two times and the 271_c1d.rom's CRC is corrupted. extract everthing else.... then just copy the 271_c1d file from the old one.....zip it up and try...it the game should start even if the c roms is messed...up..
  3. It's not working in NeoRAGEx... Got my hopes up for nothing...you sure it's the right one you got....I myself have not been able to get on the site...it starts to load..then stops...
  4. You mean there is a dump that works with NEOGRAGX........? I have the Plus version and svcc and numerous other patches is there?
  5. do you know if it fixes the freezing in SVC?
  6. Great site... guys does anyone have a link to power instinct martrimelee
  7. I'm sure most of you know that SVC sticks just before the battle begins in NeoRagex (the text does not display) anyone know how to get it to work With NeorageX? new patch or anything thnx
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