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How long does it take you to get bored of a game?


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Well for me on regular games, it's usually about 1-3 days. Some games to note were:


1) sVc Chaos (5min)

2) King of Fighters 2000 (30min)

3) Marvel Vs. Capcom (3 day's)

4) Halo (2 Day's.. I hated the controls)

5) Samurai Shodown 5 (2min)

6) Jet Grind Radio (6min)

7) Confidential Mission (1hr)

8 ) Rayman 2 (30min)

9) Street Fighter III: Double Impact (20min)

10) Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 (10min)

11) WWF Royal Rumble [DreamCast] (30min)


And a lot more..sadly to say, these are all mostly true. :(:blink:

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well it really depends if you play solo or against people :blink:


I'd say fighting games really have an endless replay depending on your your opponent and as some fight fanatics may argue how *cough cough "hardcore a gamer" you are...


Then again you also have to take into account the fun factor, graphics, ingenuity of the gameplay. Yeah but truly anything can be played to death and thus you get bored....


For me I'd say until the next thing comes out... sure the game has some last appeal, however its part of the consumerism, once something new hits the streets the last thing is old and tossed aside, only to be cherished by the eccentric collectors


Fighting Games in general: Prolly till the next of a series comes out, taken into account it has a decent gameplay mechanics and engine, till the masses lose interest

Goldeneye: Although highly addicted and all, technology has surpassed it and its painfully slow to play the multiplayer, although still fun in moderation, same goes for Mariokart and Starfox 64


I think i plugged the most hours into that foreshaken bomberman game... awfully addicting multiplayer mode


Bored of games? I think in this day and age we tend to get spoiled... who here still plays pong? :(

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Man, you guys have a short attention span :blink:. I stay with a game for as long as it takes me to get to 100%.


Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance was being played on my X for an easy 3 months!!! Vice City: 2 months. MvsC2: 3 months. I don't have that much money to brush off the games I buy. 100% or Nothing!!!



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well it really depends if you play solo or against people  :blink:

i agree. tho i get really boreed of a game like in a week, the fun factor comes right back up after like a month hiatus. also if im playin a game with a friend, that makes it a lot more fun and a lot harder to get bored of. like svc:chaos, i got bored like in a week, but its always real fun to play with a friend.

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When it comes to reply value regarding fighting games it comes down to a number of factors: 1) Game engine, originality in character designs, grapics, etc., 2) how good the competition is (people tend to play/practice harder if competition is fierce, hence reply value), and 3) whether you are really into fighting games or not -- if not, you'll be bored in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, and should stick to other games.


At the heart of fighting games is competition, and if you don't like competition or there is a lack of it, then you'd probably get bored real fast. Seriously as long as there is strong support for a game from the players, and they are continously improving, some fighting games are still played to this day, dispite the fact that they may have been released years ago.

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Lately, I've been getting bored of games really quickly. I got bored of Halo after half an hour.


Nothing enthralls me anymore. I got bored of Vice City after a day because I was already bored of GTA3.


Fighting games keep me interested for a while till I beat the games with the main characters and then I start to get bored.


That's why I play games a little while at a time, while I'm working or studying, so I can easily stop and be entertained for a short while.

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