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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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MAME cheats - infinite power bars, infinite energy, and select any character. to use cheats, unzip the.dat in the mame folder, and press tab during gameplay to access the cheat menu.


update - fixed the missing bosses for p2's third player.





note: i didn't make these, i just compiled them.

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This is kinda odd.. I read a bit about the Andy playable rumor earlier and heard that he was unplayable. But on the link that james posted earlier, Andy looked fully playable in the few fights. http://members.westnet.com.au/the%2Dkula/mame.html


I'm confused, is he a hidden character ala Mukai, Adel, Chiziru, and Maki? As in you need a cheat to unlock him. If yes, has anyone else managed to do so successfully?

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i don't mean to spoil anyone's lunch,

and i'm going to download this rom just like each and every one of you.


but do you really think the best thing is for the rom to be released sooooo soon after the game just came out?


i mean, i'm totally up for emulation of older games and systems, but i dunno, newer crap is in the grey area for me.


i mean, maybe the rom should've been released a little later than it actually has.

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