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  1. Amusingly, all of the character files that I downloaded, I put in their respective places(i.e. Alice in the char data), but it isn't loading. None of them are available for use. However, the fullscreen mode works for me.
  2. Would the burning need to be DVD format or can it be the CD format?
  3. You have a great intro and the layout of the navigation sequence is nice. However, I think having some info on KoF regarding plot and stuff from Fatal Fury and onward would be cool.
  4. My Haiku Collection Grand Central -------------- Away from the swamp, Into a tranquil meadow, I enjoy with you. Growth of Beauty. ------------------ From rivers to plains, Flourished sakura blossoms, Gaze and kiss so sweet. Distance no bound ---------------- A bond upon truth, Lives disregard of distance, You are in my heart. Guardian -------- As far as you are, Distance can bar no limits, I am here always. Comfort -------- Nearby when you sleep, A warm hand through the cold night, Never let you fall. Nature's Chaos ---------- Snow falls and sun shine, Altering to rain droplets, Yet the cold wind bites.
  5. ...You know. To be honest, I don't like the idea of it going 3D. That's just me. King of Fighters have been 2D for so long, especially when it was SNK. But eh, now we're going to 3D. But then again, this is going to be for PS2. 2D games is slowly fading, aside from...Neo Blood series and Guilty Gear X. But eh. Maybe I'm overexaggerating, but I will at least give this game a chance to see how it comes out. Let's just hope that it's good.
  6. AHEM!..... As my post was up earlier... >.> http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/dannyofrping...es/Eijidraw.jpg Feel free to talk about the pic.. On a note I would like to request someone to do an artwork for me... since my style doesn't cut it. *hinthintwinkwinknudgePUNT*
  7. Well, I used to take Shorin-Ryu and Kenpo. I enjoyed both quite well. Although Kenpo felt more unique rather than Shorin-Ryu. I tried Hung Ghar (sp?) kung fu. Southern Shaolin style. I was quite interested, I'll probably try it sometime.
  8. I found myself at an interesting position now.. I just finished downloading the Disgaea ISO from suprnova, but when I looked for the emulators, none of the emulation areas from zophar.net could emulate it. PCSX2 is probably the closest, yet it's not on the list. So is there a way to burn it so the PS2 can actually play it? Or am I kinda screwed?
  9. .....Not sure how. Plus, when I try to use good ol' NeoJuke Box to listen to the songs... It tends to freeze up. Plus, I wanted to rip them through the sound test, but sound test doesn't play the song for God knows what reason.
  10. Well, I've been searching for them. No luck. Not sure which thread I should of posted in... Asking in the ROM section seemed like a bad idea. So here works. Anyone know where to pick up the OST of the Rage of the Dragon game?
  11. Eh. The site's dead. *BUMPS WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!* Any case, I think a new site is in order. I want to get Jimmy Lee's music myself.
  12. This is kinda odd.. I read a bit about the Andy playable rumor earlier and heard that he was unplayable. But on the link that james posted earlier, Andy looked fully playable in the few fights. http://members.westnet.com.au/the%2Dkula/mame.html I'm confused, is he a hidden character ala Mukai, Adel, Chiziru, and Maki? As in you need a cheat to unlock him. If yes, has anyone else managed to do so successfully?
  13. I am rather late on this, but eh. James, you did great. I am glad that you faught for what was right!....That sounded corny, but still! Seriously, I am glad that you and your team managed to get the ROM off of the people who were hoarding it. That was great.
  14. I downloaded the zipfile kof98, but Kawaks, Nebula, or NeoRageX won't accept it. I have the fixed 1.45 kawaks and I was wondering if I could get the source code for my Kawaks to detect the game.
  15. I managed to download it. But there's one little problem. I can't see the character sprites for the fight,a nd I did unload the unpacker.bat file.
  16. I am kinda new at this... But how do I use those cheats exactly? o.o;
  17. I thought all of the hidden characters were unlocked? In the plus version that I have. I have Geese, Orochi Iori, Goenitz, and Mars People Unlocked. On Capcom side, I have Violent Ken, Dan, Zero, and someone else that I can't remember off-hand.
  18. You know, I was searching around, and the ROM that I had seemed to be missing two characters: Athena and Red something (Monster from Ghost and Goblin), I am not sure if I downloaded the wrong ROM or not, because the one I downloaded from around here from somewhere in the forum was... corrupted when I downloaded it. In any case, if you have it or if there is a link in one of the threads or so, could you reply it here? Or perhaps tell me if those two are even available for that matter.
  19. Having a problem. I downloaded the device twice and I got a corrupt message. Is there a way that someone could send it to me?
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