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  1. ok i want to know if i transfer my roms to the flash cart, can i be able to link to other gba. for example if i want to link together with someone else to play FFT
  2. well i tried playing pokemon emerald and some other games, wich i frogot the name
  3. well i dont evem know if im using the bios, and if i am how do i disable em. and the build, i dont renember whos is it, but i got them from a link u gave to someone else
  4. ok when i try to load some games all that appears is a white screen so can anyone help me thx in advance
  5. ok i will do that ill see what happens
  6. these are the only drivers that creative have same thing with all my speakers and headphones im usin winXp
  7. yes i already have them installed
  8. ok i did that but its still the same i only hear 3 speakers and the sub and the sound still has static
  9. 1.i just bought a new sound card it is a "creative sound blaster live" i installed but when i hear any sound on my comp. they have alot of static 2.and i also have thse logitech speakers that have 6 speakers and 1 sub, but only 3 speakers and the sub play (it says something about needin the sound card to play all speakers here is how i connected my speakers Back of my comp here is the speakers i have logitech speakers
  10. yesterday i bought a network card and i dont know how to network my laptop to my main comp can anybody help me im trying to link them together somy laptop can have internet
  11. i dont know if you guys are into the import scene but i need some advice i whant to know what is a good engine for an acura integra i found this acura shell and i wanted to know whatis a good engine for it B16a B16b B17a B18 a,b,c B20b B20z
  12. just want to know wich is the best
  13. does anybody know where to get any program to make 3d animation
  14. sry for not replyng yes i got the files
  15. ok this is my situation i went on the internet downloaded "HERO" with jet li the file format for the file are xvid ok when i loaded the movie to wmplayer9 it said it had an eror then i was like ?? then i started looking for a read me file, and i found one and this it what it says 1.recommend play movie with WMPlayer_9 2.install ac3filter for Dolby Digital decoder 3.install DirectVobSub for subtitles plugin WMPlayer_9 then i downloaded ac3filter then the file played with sound abd i was happy but it was in chinese then i downloaded vobsub installed it and it still dosent have the subtitles can ne body help me out here
  16. is their any emulatorthat keeps track of time im trying to play pokemon ruby and sapphire and it dosent turn into night when i play the game it says internal battery died wont play time based parts and i cant capture pokemon that apper on the night.
  17. does anybody know a good website that has latino rap to listen to
  18. ive was searching the net and found some initial d dvd rips they kame in mkv file format, i wanted to know how do i play them so plz help me out here THX
  19. what? load of bull i want to try out games first then buy like last time i bought freeKin NFL Blitz pro thinkin it was like the old NFL Blitz it turned out to be the crapiest game i bought so far for xbox when i tried to return it to wal-mart saying its broken they dint belived me and if i sell it to gamestop or game crazy they give me 5 bucks for it, man that game costed me 35 bucks. "dont ever by that game" plus im not the kind of guy thats cheap to downloaded isos i feel muchbetter when i got the real thing one more thing i play online games o my xbox you cant play an iso online
  20. for me mostly any controler is good for any game
  21. yes, i knew it knew it knew it no i can rejoice
  22. saying that garou 2 is in production is like saying that Power stone 3 is in production i wish that power stone was being made
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