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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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I know there's been speculation on whether Ash is evil or not, n I don't know what the general consensus is on that matter... however, I just noticed on practice mode while playing with Ash as my starting character n Kim as the opposing starting character, that Kim does his usual intro animation when facing off against a villain. You know, the one where he points n his eyes glow. I forgot what he says, I know it has something to do with evil though.


Hahah... the leader of the hero team being evil? I like this, n I for one believe he is evil (considering the 3 Sacred Treasures Team ending).

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;) Hey Every 1, It's me again,


:) I did it, I make KOF2003 Works & I'm So Happy  :D


However i Got a Little Problem  8).


I Changed some of the Dip Switch By Mistake, I Can't Get the Dip Switch Back when i Press Tab 8)


How Can i Solve this Problem, How Can i Resit the Setting Back.




By The Way!


Thank U cosmic_lord 4 Ur Complete tut. on fixing kof2003 It Really Helpt Me alot.

No problem :(. I read through a topic on compiling mame32 plus, and i saw that the people kept having problems trying to do what the guy said. What he said was right, but that was for compiling mame.78, and the people must not have understood what he was saying. That's why I tried to do mine as in-depth and explanatory as possible, and I chose version.79 since it's out now.


Anyway, sorry for the bit off topic James. O have spent hours trying to fix the p roms... with no luck. I mean, I must not be doing it right. When I try with any individual piece, only the p2_4 or p2_3 works (makes it come up with black where you can access dips by pressing F2 in nebula.) That along with the info from hex editor viewing tells you that part has to be first. So when I try two parts, p2_4 + any other part, all the combinations work. When I try p2_4 + x + x all the combinations work. I mean, it's a rarity that any of the combinations I try does not work, so I must not be doing it right. I have put together several different 6 and 7 MB roms that worked, but when I changed hte test.rom,0,,0,0 to test.rom,,[CRC],0 it wouldn't load the rom, and had an error.


I think maybe you have to have advanced knowledge of ascii and the structure of rom p files to do this. You'd have to be good with a hex editor too. i mean I can use the hex editor easily, I just don't understand it like that one guy because I don't know ascii.


Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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Please, can someone tell me where to find file 271-s1.bin?


Thank you.

there are links posted allready in this thread. i for one am getting sick of those who do not bother to read the pages.it seems that all go to the last page and post without checking the other pages. please check the thread before you post.



Please check the first post on page one for fixes

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To James. I read this and I have this fix but it doesn`t work with mame. I need not 271-s1.rom but !! 271-s1.bin !! and this file isn`t on this page.


Thanks for understand.

you need to rename 271-s1.bin to 271-s1.rom



maybe give this mame version a try 8)


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