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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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Im new and need some help. I have dled MAME32KPLUSwithKOF2003.rar and MAME32PLUSwithKOF2003.rar (no K in it) and for some reason I cannot get it to work. Im not new to emus but for some reason it notices the KOF2003 rom but when I double click on it nothing happens???? I changed the rom path to the folder on my desktop that its in but nothing. Any help appreciated thanks

you should wait til it loads as some computers are slow at loading neogeo roms



min specs recomended are 1 ghz cpu 512 meg ram (memory)

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What windows version are you using? if it's a Win9x platform, you might need unicows.dll [easily found through a quick search and put it in your windows directory].

i doubt thats the reason. as it would of said it was missing before mame32 plus had loaded.

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Yay! I finally got it working! What a cool game! I like the animations, and the music, and the intro. Right now, I'm getting into using Malin and her knives. Don't know if it's my favourite Kof, but it's really fun to play!


And the game runs pretty well on my P2 350 war horse, with 128 ram. Slightly choppy, but playable.

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