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BIGGEST WOW of all time?

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with so many new releases we had from snkplaymore, i was jus thinkin of the time where one game made us so :lol: !!!!


for me, i had quite a few, but the most memorable shocking releases i ever experiencd was: (that i can remember haha)


SF Alpha/Zero 1,

Xmen Vs SF ( the first tag team crossover ),

Marvel VS Capcom,

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (3 on 3!!)

Capcom Vs Snk =*) (dream come true right there),

initial d arcade,

KOF2003, and

Final Fantasy 7 ( u have to admit, those graphix were very impressive at the time. )

SVC ROM haha, that what brought me to this great forum. <_<


o yeah and guilty gear x, bc those graphix on a fighting game? :P SURREAL!! :lol:

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I'd have to say Street Fighter Alpha 3 when it came out on the PSX. I couldn't believe every Street Fighter character and then some were crammed into one game. To this day, it's still the definitive Street Fighter game in my opinion. At least regarding real Street Fighter games, since the crossover games have restrictive rosters.

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I'd have to go with WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour and WWF WarZone. The first ever 3D wrestling games. By far they were my favorite's easily. I remember buying the Nintendo 64 and playing WCW Vs. NWO. My eyes literally lit up and I couldn't stop playing. It was extremely fun and a HUGE improvement from SNES arcade style 2D.

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super mario brothers

super mario brothers 3


zelda a link to the past


NInja gaiden 2 (the best of the trilogy)


Persona 2 : Eternal punishment (all i've ever wanted in an rpg)


chrono trigger


king of fighters 97


king of fighters 99


samurai showdown 4


seiken densatsu 3


Legend of Mana (first psx game i bought)


and others i can't recall.

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Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Street Fighter 2

King of Fighters 95 (bought it for PSX and now I love KOF)

King of Fighters 98 (the only one I've ever played in an arcade)

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (I wasn't too thrilled with the first one)

Capcom vs. SNK 1 & 2

Street Fighter 3: The First One (Just because it had such awesome animation)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves (it brought back all my faith in SNK)

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