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what controller/joystick are you using?


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arjay, I had that one too and its now in the bin. I also had a sidewinder but it had really bad response on the d-pad. I now use 2 usb conecters for Playstation pads.


I dont think Joysticks are good or even better for fighting games, some zealots will tell you its the only way to go and its what the games was meant to be played on.blah,blah. But the simple fact is the joypad is easier and more responsive. It would be great if all arcades used joypads. (but the things would be destroyed within a week.)

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i don´t wanna get technical or anything but with d pad you are using your fingers and with the joystick you are using your wrist, you the first one should have more precision, and i guess that the second choice gives you faster moves

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im thinking of buying an x-arcade soon.. so merchant are you saying an x-arcade is no good?

tell me exactly what you want the joystick for and i'll tell you what i think about it


ie: fighting games??? which ones and other things you want to use it for

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I use a Sidewinder, PS1, N64 pads on my PC, as well as a Logitech Wingman Attack flight stick.


As for that X-Arcade controller? It's a joke in design AND price. I could build 8 of my own setups like that with real arcade parts for half the price they charge for 1 of those pieces of sh*t. :D

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