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  1. That place Duolon was also seems to have Adel too at a 85 percent completion BadDarkness
  2. -Link Removed. Read board rules.- now if only I could fix that stupid sound problem???
  3. Well I found it best to work that way. You see MAS charges like 30 dollars per system compatibility. That adapter is only 15 dollars and allows two controllers to be use with one slot. Also you don’t have to unplug the keyboard all the time
  4. You would get a MAS with a PS2 cord and use this device to put into your usb port. You also have to install a driver. The divice comes with a driver disk. The MAS that MAS makes for the PC use the keyboard port. With that device you can get two controls in one port. If you have two I would imagine you could play some four player games like Konami's Xmen http://www.buynshop.com/productinfophp3/VG-PS-USB2X
  5. Yeah 80s were pretty huge. My last semester in college I added 80s to my show. It went well with the anime and game music naturally
  6. I am using a MAS stick with the convex buttons and 360 optical stick. I put that into to a dual USB to PS2 converter and it really feels like the arcade
  7. Thanks but those figs were custom figures from a show a few years back I had to drop the image it was too big My current avatar features the canceled round 3 Resaurus SF figs Boy I really wish they made them all six of them would have been cool Guile, Guy, Ibuki, Dan, Dhalsim, and Bison.
  8. Wow I work for Pizza hut and the Super Supreme is the 1 the has all the toppings. Well most minus Chicken, Anchovies, Jalapenos, and..... Pinapples. Oh crap I cant beleive I just said I worked there Well somo of my favorites have been hot wing pizza hot sauce instead of tomato sauce and chicken through a little potato in there too Zuccini, Red and Yellow peppers aint bad either and the traditional NYC style home pizzeria kind with either the traditionals extra cheese and pepperoni
  9. This is a good topic Capcom: 1. Adon (he is a must!!) 2. Joe from SF1 I would like to see another character come back like Eagle did in CvS2 3. Guy 4. Urien need more SF3 characters in there 5. Alex " " " " " " " " " 6. T Hawk another SSF2 other then Cammy 7. Donovan my choice for the DS 8. Charlie becuse Guile is Furious without him lets see 2 more for Capcom 9. Gill another boss Character for Capcom 10. insert any random Rival School Character here SNK: 1. Maxima 2. Setsuna needs way more LB characters 3. Ukyo 4. Clark 5. Sinclair bring back another AOF character 6. Yashiro 7. Lee Recca LB 8. Hanzou 9. Leona 10. Hinako only because I want to see her interact with E Honda... I'm not to sure about this choice
  10. Hello, I was wondering if someone could provide a link for the correct 269p-p1.bin This is what I have: 269p-p1.bin WRONG CHECKSUMS: EXPECTED: CRC(2a2516de) SHA1(964781daf9227fef1648ab76cf5e09a71ae4ff85) FOUND: CRC(244d0bd0) SHA1(d5319fbde6b09dec310af7511c7a83826b5d6bb5) I greatly appreciate any help then
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