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what controller/joystick are you using?


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I hear Mas stick is the best standard arcade stick u can get, otherwise go custom and make your own ;) X-arcade sux big time... and oh i use saitek p880 ps wanna be gamepad, its decent.... :lol:

I was wondering if there are any dreamcast to pc adapters.. been wanting to try my joystick

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hey im wondering..im so hyped up about buying an x-arcade and i was planning to buy it real soon but now that i heard your opinions on the x-arcade im kinda skeptical about getting it now..i was planning to use it for my PC to play kof and stuff, im still kinda confused about why it sucks..does it suck for fighting games like kof? and what about that MAS stick? is that good for kof?

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Well heres a small forum among many others explaning why its bad =p



From personal experience id have to say on don't try it on the labtop cuz the power source is too weak to get any sort of decent feedback, on desktops its alright but theres also the issue that the joystick is not stable enough. It rocks back and forth, rumbles, basically its not "grounded" One way the mas stick is superior is that its heavier, so it has more of the arcade feel. the mas stick also has a optical 360 stick

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ok thanks alot i've made up my mind..im gonna get a MAS stick


btw does a MAS stick work with a Pentium 4 PC? if so what kind of slot is it for? USB? and if i put it in will i be able to use my mouse and keyboard?

You would get a MAS with a PS2 cord and use this device to put into your usb port. You also have to install a driver. The divice comes with a driver disk. The MAS that MAS makes for the PC use the keyboard port. With that device you can get two controls in one port. If you have two I would imagine you could play some four player games like Konami's Xmen



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so your saying i have to buy a MAS stick thats for ps or ps2 then buy that adapter for it to work with my PC?

Well I found it best to work that way. You see MAS charges like 30 dollars per system compatibility. That adapter is only 15 dollars and allows two controllers to be use with one slot. Also you don’t have to unplug the keyboard all the time

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