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Special Powers..


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is this clip a fight between kyo and iori cosplayers?? i wanna see...


oh yeah, redbull gives you wings!

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Cosplayers...the saddest group of people. On Halloween it's alright, but dressing up as your favorite videogame character other times is just sad. And I want to see this video too.

That I have to agree. I too think they are just SAD


anyway i wanna see this video too.

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cosplayers are alright :lol:


Theres no problem with dressing as your favorite VG character. The most people will do is give you a funny look and label u a VG nerd :(

Buts its not SAD at all if youre thinking of attention :)

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Cos players are just ok...i agree with dis..


i mean, we are all getting some fashion senses from these characters..


me for example, I thought Kyo Kusanagi's hairstyle was cool so I tried it...


maybe going cos playing is a bit too far fetched but if it can provide entertainment


and make a friendly atmosphere and so on, i am in..


oh yeah, where is this clip between Iori and Kyo?? post link any1?

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Here is something you might wanna try just to improve your superpowers..


actually...I would like the curious members of 1emulation family to try this...


sit in a quiet room, and light up a candle. point your finger, or palm at the lit


fire, and concentrate. stare at the fire, and with your palm or finger pointing


it, create an image in your head which show Chi(or Ki) gathering in your hand...


now fire that ki at the candle....SHAZAM...the fire goes off....


the thing to remember here, is that you have to collect that chi or ki for at least


20 mins...try it b4 going to bed or something...


PS: you may not believe this, but I did it after 40mins...sweet~

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