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Special Powers..


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Yes rag. We all have the power...


I am trying to shorten down the time to 30mins... it ain't working...


there is another one...if you are not allowed to play with fire...


Get a bowl of water and drop a leaf in it.


place it in the centre and try and keep it in the centre. Once it is set up, imagine


that your ki is moving the leaf that is floating in front of you. Try moving it to


the right of the bowl, then the left. try circling the bowl then make it park in the


centre again. All this should take about an Hour. If you cann do these two,


then go on to spoon bending. :(


(EDIT: oh yeah, and have your finger/palm pointing to the leaf the whole time!)

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I told you...I have a book on Ki...


These are just a minor beginner's exercise... There are 7 levels and this is like


level 1 lesson 1.....haha...


don't have to do it rag...but It is cool....real cool...


I can show you the book if you want...i have to scan it first...

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There is no attach....


no where...




it says tags are not allowed or something..

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