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Special Powers..


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Well well well....


I know this has nothing to do with games but,


i was just thinking it would be kind of nice to have powers like kyo and iori...


you see, having flames around you and not getting burnt is actually a magnificent




I want superhuman powers now.... gimme gimme...

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haha I remember this post a long time ago.


I figured getting special powers was like a evolutionary system. As you work with one, you gain more as go on.


But otherwise, I'll go with Time Powers :(

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................................. maybe...


if you watch Xmen, people there are like "no~ i am cursed" but


I would probably say "whoa! sweet!"


i guess people have their own ops....

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Being able to fly would be nice...


although I still prefer Flame power....being able to make, and manipulate...

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You can cheat with summoning ability.


Summon a Superpower Pill. YAY SUPERPOWERS

Summon a emit Flame Pill. YAY FLAME POWERS

summon an invicibility pill. YAY INVINCIBILITY!


Thats just being cheap ;)

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