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You right Juniel, consentration with candle is the most interesting exercise to build up ki. You can find it in karate. I learn traditional karate. Like body rock technique use ki, you learn Sanchin kata used to build your ki (do you ever see it in kof, Takuma Sakazaki -> special move called Sanchin no Kata?). Tensho kata used to build your power (like power charge in kof). Your body will be hard as rock. Off the candle by pointing your finger to candle = off the candle wth your eyes but in different level (beginner >< advanced). Cool! you can learn it by concentrate your ki to your eyes and look at the candle, control your ki and focus to off the candle with your eyes. You can do it for about an hour or more. If you can't do that, you can do push-up by holding your breath until your push-up ends. ;) If you do it for a month, you can break the hard things like rock, 15 bricks, human bones. B):D

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wow...trad karate aye?


maybe I will try the eye-->candle thing... right now, I'm trying to cut down the


time it took for me to blow the candle out with my fingers...

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