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  1. Well I'm 17, Next 3 months i'll be 18.
  2. Happy New Year People!!! Collect as much red envelopes as you can!!
  3. Yes Yes Happy chinese New year everyone!! Red Envelopes!! LOL!!
  4. I Love RPGs, i'd always play chrono trigger and seiken densetsu 3 on my old comp, which at that time the fps where lagging (thats how crap it was) So, I dunno if you all like rpgs, but ones that do love them like i do........ WHICH IS YOUR FAV????
  5. That I have to agree. I too think they are just SAD anyway i wanna see this video too.
  6. Hello people names SeMTeX I'm aged 18 and started on emus and roms 5 years back I own a NES, SNES, GENESIS, PS1, PS2, GC and PC When I first started playing on roms i was hooked on ZSNESW (Thanx to crono trigger, seiken densetsu 3 and mario) months after that i played on more arcadey games so in came neoragex and kawaks. actually im quite new to kawaks (so plz dont pick on me!!!) ne ways this is a cool site, keep it up SeMTeX
  7. I've got this Kawaks emu that works well on samurai showdown 5 and metal slug 5 u can download the loader and a few roms on this site: http://neo-arcadia.vze.com/
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