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King of Fighters 2003 News


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I'm going to make this thread because I still feel the game is going to be released soon. There are some rules in this thread and you will be Warned (auto ban, suspension of posts, account suspension, etc.) if you don't follow them.


1) No calling people n00bs, newbies, etc. You know what I mean. If someone gives out false info, say to them nice that their info is incorrect and give proven facts as well.


2) No flaming, this became a problem with Sharim's fake kof2003 ftp thread. We were able to conclude it sincerely like I did (learn from the boss :unsure: ) without any flaming. If there is any flaming at all, everyone who is affiliated with it will be Warned.


3) Keep all your info verified. Don't post OBVIOUSLY fake junk. If you do, you may even be banned or warned. Were now taking that seriously and as a offence to the rest of the people on the forum.


4) Keep the information clean and good. Enjoy!

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Well...this thread will most likely succumb to the "How To" bombardment... :unsure:

Oh well, it's going to be more than hot in here....

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the game has 32 playable characters afaik, this site has bios, a picture, a move list and some early combos for those characters(im not sure if the move list is 100% complete) but it has alot of them anyways, and it has a super nice layout(they used to have the same move lists for kof 95-2002 but they seem to have taken it offline now and only have 2K3


i hope its ok to post this




also the home page for the site is




and they have a great forum there with lots of good info about characters and game info(you can get there from the main page), when i was learning kof2k2 the forums there had a wealth of knowledge about the game and its still there, and i just checked the kof 2k3 section there and there are a few posts there already about some things


(i know this isnt rom specific but its good general info about the game and i havent really seen it posted anywhere else on the forum yet so i decided to post it)


i hope this helps...enjoy

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I had a meaningful reply prepared, but it was chock-full of sarcasm. Since that won't help much, I'll join the meaningless-post-devoid-of-useful-content crowd and say "Perhaps people won't get their hopes up this time. Perhaps we can patiently wait out the release of the ROM(s) and have useful news posted. Perhaps we can have a realease where we don't have people clamoring for a working HTTP link to kof2k3.zip on the first night of the release, and continually pad their post-count with requests for such a link (which simply cannot be a link to a RAR file, heaven forbid it!). Perhaps English will not be horribly maimed this time around."


/me reads post...


Smooth one, Nezumi. Your skills in not-being-sarcastic are unparallelled in their inadequacy. :unsure:


Ah well. Any news on individual files like the P roms or C rom?


And don't get me wrong, I seriously like this forum. We actually get links to files here. :( It's just been lousy times ever since samsho5 was released.


Here's to a meaningful 2004!

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