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Final Burn Legends 1.8

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Final Burn Legends 1.8


Though the changelog appears small in this release, the core update brings a huge number of improvements and additions; most notable is that several games that previously did not have sound now have sound fully working including some excellent Toaplan shooters (Batsugun, Dogyuun, V-Five, etc.). There are new games added as well, also the Pacman driver has had a major overhaul and all games on this driver now display in their correct vertical orientation. This also includes the changes from FB Alpha, check out the official changelogs for full details.







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What's New:


- Updated emulator core to FB Alpha; many games added and/or

improved. See official changelogs for details.



- VMM added to Tecmo driver by iq_132. Games now working:

Deroon DeroDero

Toukidenshou - Angel Eyes


- Fixed Penguin Brothers.


- Added option to highlight non-working games in ROM list.



I've packaged this as an upgrade from either FBL 1.7. Just copy the included files over your existing installation and it should work fine. However, a clean installation is always recommended. (i.e. install FBL 1.666 and then overwrite with 1.8)



The usual places.


'FBL Extras' pack (screenshots, titles, marquees): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UV7K9O5P


Thanks to:

The usual thanks go to everyone on the FB Alpha team.

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