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Final Burn Legends 1.8

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The missing sounds are probably down to a single cause. I'll try to find some time to fix it over the weekend. I don't have much time for testing FBL releases as I'm moving away from Xbox emulation at the moment, so I'm afraid you're all effectively beta testers from now on.


That being said, penbros works fine for me and I have none of the graphics issues you mention with opwolf3.


fair enough +T+


ive rolled back to FBL 1.7 but kept the new toaplan core for the new sound for v five etc plus ive shifted penguin bros back to my other arcade emulator

so in a roundabout way everythings sorted :-)

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are you closing the door on your dev stuff soon or something +T+? i hope not, but i can say we all graciously appreciate everything you have done and hope you continue on with it. :-)


I still find working on FBL to be both interesting and rewarding so I'm not planning to quit any time soon. I'm just not really using the Xbox myself anymore for emulation; I've got myself an HTPC setup and PC MAME takes care of my arcade gaming needs. So with FBL I'll likely focus on fixing problems and keeping things in line with FB Alpha. I'll perform some brief rudimentary testing on future builds then throw out a release and users can let me know if any problems have been caused by the changes which I'll then endeavour to fix. This not only saves me a huge amount of time but also means I get to focus purely on the part of this project that sustains my interest, so I can't see any reason why it won't continue into the future. :)

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