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Final Burn Legends 1.666

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Final Burn Legends 1.666


This latest build of FBL has taken a lot longer to be released than I originally planned. This is due to the fact that FB Alpha has become very active again lately, with no less than five updates in the last few weeks, and the extra time has been spent updating the FBL codebase with these changes. This release is based on FB Alpha which is actually one release behind the PC version but since this build was completed I decided to release it now rather than push it back yet again while I implement the changes in The next build will be based on the latest FB Alpha version, but at least this way I don't feel under so much pressure to get it done.


Please see notes below the changelog for installation and other important information.




Have a great Halloween!


+ T +


What's New:


- Updated emulator core to FB Alpha; many driver fixes and added games. See official changelogs and DATs for details.



- Optimized updated code for Xbox. (thanks to kenshiro)


- Improved speed in new Irem drivers. (thanks to iq_132)


- Performance boost in Ketsui, DoDonPachi 3, and EspGaluda.


- Added Guwange (Special Version). (thanks to JackC)


- Added option to select new NeoGeo BIOS file.


- Added analog controls to games that use them. (Out Run, etc.)


- Reduced default controller deadzone to make analog controls more responsive.


- Fixed DIP switches and region settings in CPS1, PGM, Toaplan, and Psikyo games.


- Fixed controls in the following games:


Angel Kids (use both thumbsticks)

Forgotten Worlds (rotate with L & R)


- Re-fixed item button in CPS Mega Man games


- Patched out long hardware test in Ghouls'n Ghosts.


- Fixed Devil World.


- Improved default screen sizes.


- FBL Extras package updated to include screenshots and marqueesfor added games.


- FBL Extras package now includes title shots as well.




- This version requires a CLEAN INSTALLATION. If you just copy the files over an earlier version you will most likely experience problems. Please only report issues if you are running a clean install.


- The ROM set in FB Alpha has been updated to match MAME 0.143u8. Use the DATs provided in the tools\ folder to check you have the correct sets.


- A good note from the original author is worth repeating:

RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should be able to improve the code whenever current development stops.




Binaries and source in the usual places. Screenshots, marquees, and titles are available in the FBL Extras package here:


FBL Extras:




Many thanks to:

- nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA.

- Barry Harris for his work on FBA.

- iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions.

- kenshiro for all his help and support.

- The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes.

- Alinky for her HDTV testing.

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Just to say; I can't seem to log back onto the server to upload the source. It keeps telling me I'm already logged in. Will give it a couple of hours then try again.

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Fantastic, looking forward to try it!


Would someone be kind enough to pm me a link for the new release as I have to test my new skin out ready for release today.

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Fantastic - and thanks so much for implementing analog controls!


Edit: The playability of the following games are transformed by the new analog controls:


Super Hang On



Turbo Outrun

Space Harrier

Chase HQ


I'm in 1980s arcade heaven!!

Edited by ted209

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great... the sign of the devil, 1.666


thanks for the release...

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thanks for this great new release +T+ and thanks to everyone involved.

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