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Mega Man (?)

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For your entertainment and therefore help you get out of this present widespread melancholy, the team informs you that the following topics are discussed today in the emuxtras.net forum:


- Spectrum Xtras

- xxxxxxx Beta Testing for (v3b153.03)

- DOSXbox Compatibility THREAD... not technically a list

- problems formating new 2tb hdd

- C64 Xtras

- weird xboyadvance bug with rom names.

- New set of HD dynamic skins for madmab emus(28 emus covered)

- PSP hacking - is it worth it?

- My DOSBox packages for PS3

- fbl... street fighter 1

- 1080i/720p/480p Problem

- FBANext

- Amiga Xtras Starter Kit ?

- xxxxxxx X (experimental sound) beta


And much more...


We also have a fascinating survey about the 16/32-bit computers of the 80s. Guaranteed without a single vote faking even if it's normal for the Amiga to prevail again.


Emuxtras.net: We make the systems that others don't dare !


Enjoy the day ;-)



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It's ok my friend. Everybody can join now. China has just registered by the way.




I'm too lazy to read "Error404's" latest post. Let me know if you find something funny. Thanks in advance.

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no, only if you dont agree with bp's (error 404..lol) "vision", opinion, thoughts etc



so that's how it happened... i was wondering why he just suddenly clustered me with the emuxtra's crew.

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The Xtras Team would like to proudly welcome LikkleBaer

to our Sega-Pico division. :)

Lol. Is she still active in the scene then? She did some testing and helped out with some other bits on FBA-XXX Pro.


Also, did I hear right that the Pico is just a Genesis/Megadrive with funky controls? Would be another feather in the Xbox's cap to have this emulated for sure. ;)

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Do you think madmab would be interested in trying to get it going in Neogenesis? I guess the problem is that (as far as I know) there is no PC emulator for the Pico so even if it is similar to the Genesis, huge chunks would have to be coded from scratch.

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