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People are blaming waal and are so quick to point the finger huh?... waal lives in FRANCE... this I know!


Robert: You are so quick to give out an IP address but you can't even help cross reference waal's IP or something to help evade these quick assumptions? :)




Did you ask? No of course not. I have no idea if Waal or anyone else was involved.

Fortunately someone else did ask, and it was dealt with.


Now looks like someone deleted my post and a few others, so there is nothing more I can do for you.


Have a nice day.

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sooooooo, getting back on track


Megaman just ignore those other dudes dont let it bother you and spoil it for the rest of us. just ignore them



I have another suggestion


maybe team zod could check why 4 player is not working in micromachines on neogenesis?


also maybe they could release a working goldeneye patched thingy for ppl to play?


maybe they could use the coinops source code to fix lightgun support and give CBA a copy?

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To those of you with all the kind responses... I thank you.


Don't worry... I don't let any of this get me down.


lol I love that people come for me for some reason.....I just do my coding and dont let any of you stand in my way....you all come and all fail cause you miss the point....the point is people want results and this stuff is short lived you really need some results.... and ive seen so many of you that claim things and dont even do your research then blame me when you fail cause im a bad person that told you where heading in the wrong direction....im really sad :) thanks Bigby.....it will be hard to recover without you :) my worst fears have come true.....


so if this isnt a stunt put up some pics of stuff....or a demo or talk about it.....I think your full of hot air.....why do you blame me for thinking this when time and time again its you guys letting people down not my project and you come telling me I should respect you....I will if you do some work and put in some time and fit in if not good luck to you...I dont beleive it


dont boast of my own endevors :) lol good one my name isnt on it at all....your are posted everywhere and locked into your sources that you dont give...you post on every forum I dont at all it just gets there without me....I changed my name a million times and still the results where the same....


another quote for you guys that you never listened to are you try something time and time again and expect a different result is the definition of madness.....you guys have tried everything and its flattering...name calling, smear campains, trolling, false names for voting etc you name you guys have tried it and all along ive told you guys it wont matter the name or anything like that just the product and if it falls into what people want.....


so once again Megaman is part of the Xtras guys and hes full of crap :) and cant prove otherwise....well that is surprising lol I never saw it coming


BP: keep editing your posts why don't you! :) Why do you edit your post and add more offending and disrespectful things to them?

You don't have to respect me? I don't care what you have to say or if I prove it to "you".

You obviously don't have respect for anyone, (the way you talk to every one. :) )


I was going to help you once, long ago, yes... but again, you disrespected everyone, so I was completely turned off to the idea... (like so many others.)

then, I moved on to others things...


so once again Megaman is part of the Xtras guys and hes full of crap :) and cant prove otherwise....well that is surprising lol I never saw it coming

So once again, another thing that has nothing to do with the Xtras and you act like a total asshole.

and the mods do nothing about it, you just get to manipulate your posts as you please....




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why do you keep blamming me....its easy to prove me wrong and you have had years to do it and nothing all promises gone to waste (PS I will admit it to you when you do so...).... id love to believe in you but I cant till I see something...till then I will remain a sceptic and not take you seriously...as I would be foolish to do otherwise

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lol I respect results.... :) not failures..... and yes you dont have to prove to me anything I have heard it all before........


I dont beleive you have anything of any interest and never have believed it...... if you cant prove yourself why should you ask for respect as a development group??? if you do so hey im all for it.....


but I do think your full of crap as ive said many times....you say im wrong but never prove me wrong.......am I wrong for saying this is a waste of time..... or are you right saying I should repect your nothing results and listen to you.....


if I did that id die waiting.....and no one would get anything but hot air


Am I right by thinking you don't read so well....? or, am I wrong by saying you write even worse? :)


I don't need anyone to respect the group (I understand all that). This will come when they see the results, yes. :)

I am just talking about you not being a jerk. :)


I have plenty of things to my name for this community.

It has nothing to do with you...



I don't flame your threads ever! This is a waste of your time. You don't care about anything but your own emu anyway, so why would you.

(other than your love for flaming)


So be gone...

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well good luck :) I hope im wrong.....about team zod and yes I dont really care....ps your thread turned into a I hate BP crapfest as I knew it would same as bigbies rubbish at xtras as bitter people with axes to grind have one thing on there mind...destroying me and im sorry I laugh at them but its all I can do....its funny as its those people getting left out and people leaving them in droves....and yes ive laughed at them to there faces and said ive told them about facts as they have tried there hardest to stop stuff but dont understand...and I sit there and think these guys will cut off there noses to spit there faces and expect me to respect that....im sorry dude I dont....


but ill leave you to your threaad....best of luck you can use CoinOPS sources in anyway you want....

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All I wanted was this to be a good thread... not a "I hate BP crapfest "

Look at my posts, I tried my best to stop all that...


Then you came in and turned it into... a "Mega Man (?) is full of crap fest" :/

or a "xtras team is crap fest"

There is no need for that... Like I said, I don't like all the trolls either and they are not my fault...


Why can't you just wait and see a little while... and "then" call "bullshit" if you see no results... :)

And If you truly didn't care, fine. dont post.

All I wanted was a little mystery to the game to make it a little fun... :)


You don't gotta turn around and blanket me or blame me for all your gripes and quarrels within the scene :) .


EDIT : typo

Edited by Mega Man (?)
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why not post on the other sites your on? megaman......why here as you know how it will go and also why only here?


its a wierd choice you can post away on xtras site/xbox scene (its in your sig even) and you know it will remain a true thread and I wont comment also you know you will be protected from CoinOPS threads killing your threads....and unless its popular I wont even notice it to tell the truth.....why only this site the one you know will have the worst problems.....you will be fine on the others and yet you only post here? you know the people involved and if you really look objectively you will see that im right to think the way I do about them....but im sure you guys can beleive im the bad one etc I can handle it as I just keep going forward and think the others do not much...bar surreal team that looks like good work by them....and im sure people will appreciate as long as they stay away from cba skinning I saw the results of that last time....(opps calling a spade a spade again :) ) hey in the end we all know whats going on....we can prend otherwise but it doesnt get us anywhere

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I thought I explained myself with that...


What do you mean...? I know how everything turns into trolls and flames you mean...?

Idk, maybe I forgot... I wasn't trying to pick a fight with anyone...

Like I said, I was gonna post on the other sites... but then thought the whole thing was a bad idea after all the trolling and flaming started...


So, I will just wait on any more announcements until something is done...

I tried to turn the thread (at least) into a wishlist and brainstorm for anyone to post their wants or wishes...

Not directly, to "Team ZOD" but to an one who would like to listen... maybe even you or others...? :)



Why do you post here?


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thats crap megaman the other site wont have this crap and you know that.....


please dont bullshit me and expect me to listen to it...the reason I get so far is I learnt not to let misdirection not get in my way...and also why I dont listen to any of the xtras team...its all im going to do this or that...I could do this and no fact behind it....and then they hate that I say hey I think thats bullshit....and then they ague im bad and misdirect people from the fact that basically they are misleading people....


well my friend I know this is just misleading and bullshit and its easy to see though....


good luck with your bullshit....I know you arnt giving me a valid reason about just this site

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You got me! ahaha

It was fun while it lasted...


CoinOps is all that matters... carry on....



PS. my reason is true... I have been too busy with things (no necessarily xbox) to handle 4 of the same thread... so I procrastinated ... then "this one" went to shit... so I got turned off, and was reluctant to keep up with it all :)


I don't ever give people bullshit, read my posts, look me up. :)

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