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The Xtras Team would like to thank (their members) Bigby & +T+ for their recent efforts! :D


PS. Who ever thought we would have to "hack" homebrew to get it to do what it could, would... & SHOULD naturally do? :D :D :)

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Xtras team is officially offering a senior Amiga consultant position.


It's a privileged job. Only one update a year and rare issues to solve as almost everything was automatized and checked (remember the lock we were the first to remove last year). Wage is three barrels of hydromel, three little pigs and sixteen virgins per month. Apply now on emuxtras.net !


The reason I have to leave the chair is I'm too busy helping the masses of refugees who come for CoinOPS support on emuxtras.net

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The Xtras Team would like to state that:


We thank and have always thanked (and given credit to) EmuMovies.com and Circo for their creations

We our in alliance with them and have even worked hand in hand with them at some points.


Given that Circo and I (myself) have probably made more video game preview movies (single-handedly) than anyone ever has. :lol:

...along with the rest of my team

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All hail +T+

The voice of reason.... :lol:



I guess my thread got closed before I could say my own piece ;)

Sorry for any misinformation.. (I did say "stop me where I am wrong")


But I think I got a valid point across...

And, yes I am a noob of the facts, because they aren't available for people who are interested like I am. :)


For, guys like Iq_132

I think it is valiant and respectful that they have no need for credit...


BUT... (from a appreciative users perspective)

That it not a reason for me to stop from wanting to thank them, If I do so please :)


PS. Any ones wicked tongue, is not allowed in my threads... :) How dare they allowed to run ramped here... and then "my" thread become what gets punished.

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Yup but it's open source biased admins again so it's cool. ^^


Joke aside, the future is elsewhere... You can even ask for sources there... Everything is possible...

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