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everytime I think it gets boring a new lol moment is around the corner :) you guys are the best some of the greatest laughs around.....


I wonder why I wont buy the bull you guys try and sell :).....I wonder why...best of luck with new screenshot packs or icons.....

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Sorry, mate... can't understand you...


But, if you must blame the Xtras team as an excuse for your limited emu... go ahead. :)


You are only hurting your fans...


And, I see that you "refuse" to support your emu, and give people help where needed...




We are pleased to welcome your users for support... for you are obviously too busy at the moment... :)

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yeah your stats are impressive....1 year of feck all...just a tonne of videos a year ago that I did 2 years ago

You've often said you consider madmab part of the 'xtras team' (!!!). He's responsible for producing the best console emulators the Xbox has ever seen. You may not like them and that's fine. But the vast majority of your users agree and use them alongside CoinOPS. So it's no good saying all they've ever produced is videos etc.

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The Xtras Team is currently in search for new members...


Must fit at-least one of the following criteria:

  1. If you have ideas about emulation (including things yet to be achieved!)
  2. If you would like to help out on any projects....
  3. If you need help with anything xbox related...
  4. If you love monkeys...
  5. If you have or will ever do something displeasing in BP's eyes...
  6. If you have ever given false information out about CoinOps, attempting to help and understand its countless bugs, because the creator refuses to lend support...

Then, we want you!

Who knows...? You might already be an Xtras Team member!





XTRAS Team report in!





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I see the final death throws with madly dropping numbers and months after new topics only a handfull of looks....and the death cries come to give it one last showdown :) your going to own me this time for sure.....its always been coming to this....the facts will end up speaking for themselves and you guys predicted this will fail and you will own


long live TeamZOD you heard it here first they will own all with mad skills and an awsome team....go to there site for support and ill laugh at the misinforation and pain due to people that know so little telling you such bull they know nothering about and telling you they do.....lol newbes with support like that its only time before they leave anyways..and if it is a bug they couldnt fix it to save themselves anyway let alone add anything worthwhile....but still it now owns there site and is the most activity they have had in ages....long Live TeamZOD.....


im going now....best of luck with the tumble weeds this thread will soon be.....

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