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Mega Man (?)

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yeah your stats are impressive....1 year of feck all...just a tonne of videos a year ago that I did 2 years ago

You've often said you consider madmab part of the 'xtras team' (!!!). He's responsible for producing the best console emulators the Xbox has ever seen. You may not like them and that's fine. But the vast majority of your users agree and use them alongside CoinOPS. So it's no good saying all they've ever produced is videos etc.



I agree with you + T +. I enjoy madmab's emulators quite a bit and I use them alongside CoinOPS.

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Don't close my thread.


Phil, you were one of the first to flame/spam this thread, ya know. :)


This topic severs new purpose.... and believe you me, it's more important than many threads here.


Don't listen to these guys... they have been known to associate with Xtras members,

I think Phil is one of them... :)


PS. If you haven't noticed, bickering and (more importantly) wrongful slander has led on (for a long time) in other (particular) threads about the xtras/team, even when there was no one to bicker to, and the topics were temporarily "closed" .


Close those threads...!

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Hi Mega,


I only pointed out that the silly video made the whole thing look fake. Just sayin. :)


Did I flame? I never really understood what that term meant. LOL


I don't take sides in fights. I still think we need to fly all you guys to the same bar and get you sloshed to stop all this arguing!



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What is this! ......Xtras Team you say ?


My fallen comrades Ursa and Non were loyal to the end, but my revenge will be swift. This Xtras Team may be of some use!


Yes! Recruit me to this Xtras Team so that my enemies will kneel once again!


Kneel before Zod!!!!

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