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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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when i zip all the files from epic-center into one file, the total amount only comes up to 33.4mb. and files cannot contain / \ * ? etc, so i can't rename the files to ssv_??.rom.

You have to rename the files ssv_c1.rom, ssv_c2.rom, etc. up to ssv_v4.rom

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so now it just becomes ssv_??.rom.bin. and then it becomes 33.4mb.

No. To make it clear: If you have a file called ssv_c1.bin in the ZIP archive, rename that file to ssv_c1.rom... Do this to every file in the ZIP if they are.bin

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hehe, answering to this kind of questions makes all more heavy!  :)

Guys, try to use some brain!  <_>


And if you are asking yourself what it is...  :)

Yep, the thing you got under the hair! :D


I'm joking or not?


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Hey, I am new to posting but i got SSV to run perfectly in NRX.

These are the steps i took:

1. Got the individual files from epic-center

2. Created a new folder on desktop

3. Unzipped all files into folder (password for p1 rom was "epic-center")

4. Created samsho5.zip with all files inside (about 38.9 Mb)

5. Downloaded the final version of NRX from neogamez

6. Unzipped that and used the username and password

7. You see the samsho5??? all the way at the bottom of the list.


Note: Only through this version of NRX did I not get the bank error.

Also, there was a post here somewhere that one should rename the c-roms as they are not correct. This not what you should do. The epic-center files are correct.

I had a problem unzipping the v1.rom as it was stated as "corrupt" but the next day (after I gave up DL-ing it many times over) it worked, so that may fix some of people's problems of not getting good files or the right Mb in total.

Also, I suggest unzipping and zipping all files individually just so winrar and winzip dont "mess up" or whatever.



Now, if I only could get it to work in Kawaks.... 




Have you visited the Epic center site again? They did some updates on the 27th of dec. All the files are ssv_??.rar files. How did you unzip the rar files? The first time i went to the site i think there are two mirrors for download but now they only have one. The so called updated files dont seem to work and they add up to a total of 33.4MB. I did all the above mentioned steps and i end up with a GRIDed interface (the same one you get by pressing F1 when the game is running followed by the A button)when i try to run it with the new version of neorage.


The CRC for the p1 rom is not 8A86C728. and neither is it the 611AXXXX type. And its kinda frustrating to try to get this across to you guys when you keep on giving the same solutions when the question is not the same. The problem now lies in the authencity of the p1 rom and the one provided by the updated epic center site is definitely not the correct one. Could someone please visit the site download the file and verify before and rectification is suggested?


I am not trying to dismiss anyone or be rude about this but obviosuly the miscommunication has to end somewhere. And the comments about using your brains stuff by the most recent posters is uncalled for. Only idiots dont ask questions to things they have no answers for. No questions are too stupid, its just a matter of getting the message across and that both party understand the underlying problem. So please give constructive replies and not those given by deltaquad.

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Mine works fine as well... What are you talking about?


Then what is the "correct" CRC? Mine says 8A86C728.

Also, use WinRAR or some other RAR tool to open the.rar files

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I have verified the p1.rom file on




and I assure you that it is the correct one.

Unzip each file individually using WinRar, which is different from Winzip. After you get all the *rom files in a folder, use winzip to create samsho5.zip.


If this doesn't work, you can get samsho5.zip containing the *bin files from this site



Unzip that, and then rename each file individually (checking the p1 file)

Note on how to rename: 270-v1.bin :) ssv_v1.rom

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ok now it all makes sense. I didnt know there was such a thing as winrar....


Thanks guys. Thank you so much.


By the way its snowing here in canada. Well it should be, we are at a low temp of

-14 right now....


I dont understand why canada doesnt import any of the japanese games for any of the consoles. they dont have KOF(94-00)or Samurai Showdown(I-IV)but they have GuiltyGear XX. Is it too violent? The arcades here in calgary are pathetic. They are still at marvel vs capcom.capcomvssnk2 and kof2000!!!

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