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  1. ok now it all makes sense. I didnt know there was such a thing as winrar.... Thanks guys. Thank you so much. By the way its snowing here in canada. Well it should be, we are at a low temp of -14 right now.... I dont understand why canada doesnt import any of the japanese games for any of the consoles. they dont have KOF(94-00)or Samurai Showdown(I-IV)but they have GuiltyGear XX. Is it too violent? The arcades here in calgary are pathetic. They are still at marvel vs capcom.capcomvssnk2 and kof2000!!!
  2. Have you visited the Epic center site again? They did some updates on the 27th of dec. All the files are ssv_??.rar files. How did you unzip the rar files? The first time i went to the site i think there are two mirrors for download but now they only have one. The so called updated files dont seem to work and they add up to a total of 33.4MB. I did all the above mentioned steps and i end up with a GRIDed interface (the same one you get by pressing F1 when the game is running followed by the A button)when i try to run it with the new version of neorage. The CRC for the p1 rom is not 8A86C728. and neither is it the 611AXXXX type. And its kinda frustrating to try to get this across to you guys when you keep on giving the same solutions when the question is not the same. The problem now lies in the authencity of the p1 rom and the one provided by the updated epic center site is definitely not the correct one. Could someone please visit the site download the file and verify before and rectification is suggested? I am not trying to dismiss anyone or be rude about this but obviosuly the miscommunication has to end somewhere. And the comments about using your brains stuff by the most recent posters is uncalled for. Only idiots dont ask questions to things they have no answers for. No questions are too stupid, its just a matter of getting the message across and that both party understand the underlying problem. So please give constructive replies and not those given by deltaquad.
  3. hi, i hope this doesnt turn out being taken in a bad way. I am a newbie despite my age. haha.... I downloaded the SSV zip file from the websites provided by Santa Claws. I tried to load it in neoragex after renaming it to look like ssv_??.rom and the bank error bug appeared. I proceeded to check the rom using romcenter but nothing was wrong that needed fixing. The only issue lies with the CRC it was not the 8A86C728 version. I read somewhere that the other version works as well and is in fact the original version? And i know that the CRC is the version needed for neoragex. What exactly is a CRC and what does it do? Why does the difference constitute whether a rom will run or fail? And other than trying to look for the right file to download is there any other way we could fix it? And the ssv_p1.rom patch or the so called neoragex version from epic centre doesnt work. It is only about 1.8 MB in size (1.75MB as stated in the site). And the CRC for that one starts with 15XXXXXXX. Besides that i even suspect whether all the files are valid. They are all pretty small in size compared to the one i just downloaded. Anyways, some of the links in Epic center are down. And DON'T and i repeat DONT download the neoragex vh01.rar (or whatever the name is).. it is highly possible it is a virus. I had it on the same directory as the neorage.exe and when i was playing matrimelee countless notepad windows opened themselves on my computer when i was done playing the game and it caused my computer to crash. Just for information, I still dont know what caused that. So i thought maybe i should share the experience with you guys. Oh oh and the method suggested by shishan of renaming the rom files changing the ssv_C?.rom to different order : bad idea. Neoragex crashes everytime i tried to load it. Conclusion - it doesnt work. I am not trying to diss anyone much less dismiss their efforts but just giving a feedback. Hopefully someone could provide the answers to some of the questions? I'm really looking forward to reading a solution posted as i always do the next morning when i wake up and check for updates. Thank you guys for sharing and all the hard work
  4. Personally i prefer neorage as the game play is much smoother and faster. I was using mame and i took an hour and a half to complete the whole game and its because i could see virtually every animation frame of the moves the characters are performing! I cant believe i actually endured that just to play the game and i guess its partly because my computer sucks. Oh and samurai showdown five is actually a prequel to all the other series. And its all quite mixed up really. they are not in chronological order but ssv is the newest edition. There is a website which i have forgotten which states the era each of the series to place in. And if you look at the japanese version, and you know how to read chinese or jap, it actually translates into samurai spirits zero. P.S. 1EMULATION ROCKS!!!! Thanks everyone for everything!!!! We do appreciate the work of those who contributed!!!
  5. yes i renamed all the files as svc_??.rom. It loads on the old version og neoragex but freezes when the dialogue was about to begin.
  6. HI i am having problems with my emulator. I got the newversion of the NeoRagex and it wouldnt load the svcplus.zip file. I have already patched it and it appears on the menu select screen but when i tried to launch it it says invalid romset and no matching gfx-files found. Whats should i do to remedy this problem? Did i do something wrong in the process or am i missing something. The SVC rom i had is 40.1Mb in size. The same thing happens when i try to load kof2k2nd and power instinct matrimelee.
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