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  1. I think the only difference is that it has some cheats within the game, like if you press start you turn into fatboy and if you press it again you can change weapons, and is only playable on the kawaks/dev I guess is goods news for the ones that want to play mslug5 on kawaks but can't use the loaders for 1.46 version.
  2. Check this game for the kawaks dev, is a little big but you can use it with kawaks/dev since the dev version works on all windows sistems right? Download Password: http://bbs.jj.jx.cn/
  3. Yeah it works nice even the text errors have been fixed
  4. you can find it My Webpage hope this is not spam if it is then delete it
  5. I found this at the kof2k3 board, I've tested them and they work! KOF2003 CHEATS Um make sure to enable the cheat option on the miscellaneous menu. also did you know that i am homosexual.
  6. yeah well, I don't use Neo Rage X but it seems is better than kawaks so I'll be making the games compatible with this emu. you're welcome
  7. use the Zinc G.U.I Emulator for Strider Hiryu 2
  8. yeap they have the full package thats cool!!!!!
  9. And I thought that my website was closed jajaja nicely done badguy no wonder I still get votes from my "closed" website lol anyways I'll put everything like it was before
  10. sorry, read this http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...?showtopic=4290
  11. Like I said this game was released today well it was released yesterday but neogamez didn't want anything to do with it, so they rejected it fools!! Don't worry is hard to get it now, since the webpage where it was located was shut down completely, I know for my good sources that some people already have the rom, but like the last time with SVC they don't want to share it. I myself closed my webpage for a while, I'll be back later with more news.
  12. this could be the answer to your problem #1 make sure the roms are in the "roms" folder #2 make sure you are using the "Kawaks_Loader.exe" duh #3 make the loader compatible to windows 95, to do this you need to..... right click on the "Kawaks_loader" now select "Properties", go to Compatibility check the box, and choose windows 95 now click OK, open your "Kawaks_Loader" and now you should be able to see the new games in the list The emulator work fine, i've been testing it with lots of people, still maybe there is some internal error, not! lol
  13. do you even use the loader?, also sounds like you have xp or 2000
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