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Street Fighter X Tekken

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Welp i'm glad its Tekken instead of DOA, or even Virtua Fighter. I know ppl scream Virtua Fighter is the pinnacle of technical 3D fighters but Tekken has the better story and characters imo.

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Tekken does have the best story but they ruined it. I know... its a fighting game and you dont need a story, but Ill be damned if the endings are more than silly. Every once in awhile you get a good one, Like Yoshimitsu's in every Tekken. They did a great job linking characters to one another but it just seems silly alltogether. But I guess thats ok


I Hate MK... But honestly it has the 2nd best story out of all the fighters... isnt that ironic?!


Not... that any of this matters at all...

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KoF's story is pretty decent too I guess. SF's story would be great but they hardly ever touch on it even though there are bits of it involved in most of the characters, and how it links back to the older characters and so forth. Even with SF4 and Seth being basically Gill and Urien's predecessor but never touching on it.


I wonder if SFxTekken will be an alternate reality situation or a canon type of story, because I don't see why the two tournaments can't co-exist. Hwoarang will say towards Juri "You're only the Korean TKD champ because I was off chasing my bromance Jin around the world in the Tekken Tournament" etc lol

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*sigh* Kof used to have good story before "playmore" butt in .

but what I wonder about is , why 2 games ? why not one game and all developers try their best to be a master piece ?

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