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Street Fighter X Tekken

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So two games are being developed:


Street Fighter X Tekken (lead by Capcom, SFIV engine)


Tekken X Street Fighter (lead by Namco, Tekken 6 engine)


I have long waited for this day. I think for me its better to see new crossovers than old ones such as SNK (as much as Terry is the best).


I will be thrilled to witness King and Zangief go at it (King ftw).


Heihachi and Akuma brawling it out, Hwoarang and Juri kicking it up, Yoshimitsu and Vega etc.



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Well from the gameplay cam video it looked like Kazuya was dashing under the hadoukens lol. Who knows, maybe they'll give some of the Tekken guys projectiles?

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this doesn't sound good at all. these 2 games go together like oil and water. of course I'll play them (more likely the Capcom one) But I don't have high hopes.

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