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I got plans for another site, epic lols all that stuff.

thye took neo-cream but they cant have me ;)


Sorry to hear that they took neo-cream, anyway I manage to obtain neocream.tk for free with proper DNS support (no forwarders) which is cool and I currently got it pointing to my web space, if you interested let me know if you want me to setup a wordpress blog and give you ftp login details.


Thanks man, but if anything I think I would have to revert back to my old template, sure it was old and ugly looking but I loved my crazy old site.

Will keep it in mind, thanks. :P


I respect that, but still contact me if you want the ftp login and if you do get a dot.tk account, let me know so I can transfer neocream.tk domain to your account. :(

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Yeah but at least its taco tuesday.

Wednesdays is Taco night at Riker's Island

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