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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Very good idea "Mega Man" :rolleyes:

I love the RUMBLE option, easy to configure if you add too a cheat code search feature :shootem:

Many games are exellent, and rumble will made them better :)

Better than arcade too, because no rumble on arcade lol


Thanks if you add it to your to do list.

Think also to my SMB request, there is not many works if you use the XBMC source code.






Just a thought...

Do you think you could add rumble feature to mame...?

I think it is a great feature on other systems and it would be cool. :)

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Dark - SMB is supported and in now....look in the tdata ini and setup the smb location.....any 2 minute google search will show you its been in CoinOPS from day 1 and every other mame I did remove a bug from it....thats all

its tested by many and works 100 percent....

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Yeah, it would be great guys.

We would just need some good rumble makers to make all those rumbles. :rolleyes:


Technically you could base them off of the existing cheat database already implemented. :shootem:


If someone made the rumbles, it would take Coinops to a whole new level, I think!

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I couldn't be bothered to even read all that rubbish.

Can someone break it into highlights for me ?


highlights-all you are noobs, he cant be arsed, hes a god,your all beneath him hes the code master! but in bad grammer!




ps, BP...what happened to the gui the "people" wanted that in..wasnt a poll made and voted on this...hmmm seems you should get cbagy to help you in that department or Darknoir or Neil, hell i got a Meld skin I can get you upon request.... interested? :rolleyes:

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OH god the newbes return.....to help all you guys out....


dark I told you this in PM and on this forum 2 times and you kept asking me to put it in..... this is why I dont want to deal with you.... I also stated many times it works 100 percent.... why cant you listen first time? like you seem to for bigby.... you cant take offense to this but it wastes my time and it also gives misinformation... please listen or dont ask questions here post another thread.....

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Anyone one got a link to reskinning coinops for total beginners...


I might give it a try, but i ha ve never skinned nothing with out tools that do it for you lol



No links sorry, but I would like to skin it "down the line" when I have finished with what I am currently working on.



OH YEAH, I hope its as good as the megadrive skin you done, that was sweet....


Nice one :rolleyes:


made my day...

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